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The paper "How to Market Books" is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. Antonio’ s Book Club (ABC) has great potential for growth and financial prowess. Regardless of the recent constant mergers and takeovers, the club can still reap the benefits of the customers it has accumulated over time and make new market segments make even more profit. By taking advantage of the underexploited youth books category of the club, revenues in that category will double. There is also great potential to more than double the current male customers who stand at only 20%.

Direct marketing of the new title of Florence art book to the existing customer base will yield tremendous results. The report provides recommendations and more marketing channels like social media, which will generally increase the profitability of the club. In addition, expect recommendations for further research, which will ensure the continued success of the club. Introduction After the recent frequent mergers and acquisitions, ABC is now under a fresh new breath. The report will relay and explain the current situation of the club using an analysis that will rely on a sample of 800 members.

ABC has recently undergone frequent mergers and takeovers, which have certainly affected the business’ operations. That, notwithstanding, does not spell great doom to ABC. The customer base has not necessarily been affected adversely by recent developments in the company. This could be attributed to the secured commitment by the customers to ABC caused by the various marketing channels explored. The customer base for ABC has been increasing and book selection growing. Ordinarily, the growth in the customer base should ensure increased income and stability for the business.

However, for ABC, there has been no commensurate effect on the profits side. This begs the question of what needs to be done so that the company can stem the earnings. This is important owing to the fact that the company invests many resources by e. g. advertising and maintaining the increased customer base. The report aims to provide insight into the management of the current market base for ABC to enable stemmed earnings for the business. It provides a deep understanding of the market base and further provides recommendations on the strategy to promote the Florence Art Book.

It contains an analysis of data on the current customers and explaining the important relationships, behaviors and expected trends in the future. One of the assumptions in the report is that the category of youth books represent books read by the youth. The report also relies on the statistical data which comes with inaccuracy. The data was collected by keeping a database of the club members at the first purchase of any material in the club and the subsequent purchases. Background Knowledge ABC was formed in December 2004.

It has accumulated many members over time, and the customer base has grown impressively to over 500,000 active members. This is owing to the fact that ABC rolled out unique offerings and explored various channels of advertising online, on television, and in newspapers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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