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The paper "Problem at Workplace - FedEx " is a perfect example of a business case study. FedEx is an American company which deals with courier delivery services and has its headquarters in Tennessee. The Company was established in 1971 and has grown over the years and now employs up to 300,000 people who operate globally. In addition, the growth of FedEx Corporation is highly linked due to its effective HRM dubbed "People-Service-Profit" practice (Reynolds 34). In this management philosophy, people come first because they are one of the ones who provide service and enhance profits.

In addition, Stone has attributed FedEx Corporation's exemplary performance to its effective human resource strategies such as selection, recruitment, workforce planning, training and development, job analysis and design, benefits and compensation, and performance appraisal (34). The company's vision and mission have been vital in shaping up its growth based on human resource practices and financial performance. The company’ s mission statement claims that ‘ FedEx is a firm of the diverse cultures which serves employees and collaborates with diverse employees, visitors, partners and suppliers to provide greater financial returns for its shareowners by offering great logistics, transportation and other services (FedEx n. p).

As the human resource manager, I have been tasked to get the right employees for the right job. The sponsorship program has been a good strategy for getting the best employees at a cheaper cost in the long run. However, with the weakness such as fewer vacancies for more graduates, an effective decision has to be made to improve the human resource strategy. The roles of a human resource manager include the following; Recruitment and selection - The process involves getting the right students for FedEx based on their courses and performances. Training and development - providing training during employment are important for sponsored students to understand the policy of the organization. The human resource manager also deals with employees’ relations and solves arising issues. Section 1 - The problem, its nature scope and impact In the 21st century, organizations have had several decisions to make due to competing interests (Parker & Fischhoff 3).

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