Essays on Problems Exist in the Contemporary US Essay

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The paper "Problems Exist in the Contemporary US" is a brilliant example of an essay on social science. Problem identification entails the expression of dissatisfaction with the prevailing status quo. For example, in the education system, people can express their dissatisfaction with the inadequate facilities in the United States schools that support the marginalized. Schools are mandated to provide all the students with a quality education regardless of their physical and psychological disabilities (DeMatthews, 2014). Students who are physically disabled and who are not native English speakers face difficulties coping with the other students in the class.

Federal policy guidelines are silent regarding the issue of disproportionate representation of the special needs children in the schools. The problem results in emotionally affected students who end up living miserable lives for lack of proper education. In agenda-setting, the definition of underlying alternatives is essential to the policy process and in shaping the desired outcome. Before the issue is fully adopted and formulated, the alternative approaches are outlined so that the best option can be implemented (LAITS). To determine what issue advances into the agenda policy, the options that can address the plight of the disabled in schools are analyzed.

For example, should the federal government provide separate facilities, increase the resources in current facilities, or provide extensional support to the affected children. Many problems exist in the contemporary US, but few of them make it to the public policy agenda. In the United States, a problem has to be identified as a salient issue to move onto the policy agenda. In most instances, the power of the people can move problems in society further to be adopted as policy agendas.

In addition to the influence and the power of the people, there are issues that move immediately to the policy agenda following significant events that act as triggers (Boundless, 2014). Parents of the affected children with the support of the rights groups also contribute significantly to identifying the said problems.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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