Essays on Problem Solving In Business System Analysis Math Problem

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Businesses System AnalysisIntroductionBusinesses System Analysis (BSA) can be defined as an analytical framework that points out in detail the components of an organizations process in a bid to understand functions and interrelationships of various activities, departments, personnel and other elements. This may be used as part of an organizational project which may intend to change business processes, improving information flow within levels of management, setting up of a data classification system among others. Willingness and capability of management is critical to success of a business process analysis projects. The following paper tries to find out management issues that may hinder achievement of desired results in business process analysis which further lead to poor results in a larger organizational project. Statement of the ProblemManagement is the key to success of various business system analysis projects.

Causes of failure of this kind of a process may lead to catastrophic management decisions say in changes of organizational structures. Management has direct control which determines success or failure of such business projects. There are various management issues that are critical to business system analysis work and as a result affect riskiness of these projects.

It is however impossible to eliminate all risks in a project but determination of factors that influence risks before and during projects is important in mitigating them to maximize chances of success. Common management issues are determination of extent of analysis. Due to limitation of resources and authority, analysis of business processes may not be as intense as required which lead to inconclusive results. Senior management support is often ignored by lack of knowledge of its importance in achieving objectives of a business process analysis.

Communication, change management, and selection of project personnel are other key management issues normally overlooked in projects but have great effects in certainty of business system analysis project. The above problems will be analyzed and their solutions suggested for effective projects in analysis of business systems. Extent of Analysis and Top Management SupportBSA projects should be focus on the whole organization and its environment. Choosing a shallow level of analysis can cause poor results. Take into consideration a hypothetical example of a record’s clerks. She/he faces limitations in defining scope of such an analysis when BSA projects surpass organizational or functional boundaries.

She/he may only manage operations where he or she has direct responsibility and authority over. It can be concluded that the more the authority that one has, the greater the scope of a project becomes. A record’s keeper should evaluate the necessary action to be taken depending on the advantages and disadvantages of the situation, likely gains in increasing the scope of a project and certainty of success or failure (Harrington 121). Top management comes in handy in business process analysis projects.

This can help personnel with little authority to be able to widen scope of defining BSA projects. In addition, this management has the ability to make available the technical, financial and human resource necessary in carrying out the project. Top management is very essential in aiding the acceptance of wide changes in an entire business since in most cases change need to be implemented gradually hence the transition period is usually long. If there is no cooperation from senior management, such projects should not be undertaken since they are deemed to fail (Senge 177).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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