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1. Briefly provide an overview of Qantas Group. Include a description of the main operating activities, location of operations and an indication of the size of the group (e. g., number of employees, sales revenue, number of stores, total assets, market capitalisation, etcA. Qantas is an Australian Airliner company. The company is one of the long distance airlines in the world. They operate subsidiary businesses including other airlines and businesses in specialist markets. To ensure the maintenance of the reputation of the leading airlines in the world, the company invested on Airbus 380, Boeing 787, Air bus 330-200, Boeing 737-800, Bombardier Q400, Boeing 717-200.

The aircrafts will be operated by national jet systems. The operations of the Qantas take safety as prime factor and the expertise of the staff ensured that internationally. The company develops and examines the proficiency of over 10,000 crew every year. The company operates from Australia and the operations of the company reach worldwide. One can book for the services of the company from every major destination in the world. In 2006 the company accrued a net profit of $479.5 billion from revenue of $13.6 billion.

This indicates the profitability of the company. The earnings per share in 2006 is 24.9 cents according to the financial report of the company. The fuel cost remains a main challenge for the Qantas group. It is $2.8 billion in 2005-06, which is 45.1 percent higher than the previous year. The company is the world’s 2nd oldest and 12 largest airline. Its market capitalization is $7billion. The objective of the procurement in Qantas is to maximize the shareholder value. The systematic ongoing process and ethical supply of externally purchased goods will achieve this.

The group will procure items ranging from stationery to aircraft. The sustainable future program target doubled from $1.5 billion to $3 billion in august 2005. This is to address the impact the rising fuel costs. In june 2006 the first target of $1.5 billion was achieved. The group employs around 38,000 people and 90 percent of them are employed in Australia. Qantas increased services for US, UK, China, Canada, Japan and Indonesia in 2006. These services range from non stop flights to weekly twice or thrice flight services.

The total assets of the company was $19,183.3 million and the liabilities were at $13,102.2 million. The net assets or the total equity is at $6081.1 million. From 35 years the Qantas holidays has established reputation for quality products. 1.6 million Customers purchased world class Qantas holiday packages and products in 2006. The demand is due to the maintenance in the quality due to the technological investments. This allows customers to book and pay for their holiday needs online.

The payment includes the charges of flights, hotels and cars also. More than 150 locations are covered under Qantas holiday packages. The airlines will work in coordination with other airlines to implement its holiday packages thus by increasing the co branding effect. Qantas is successful in making Airport terminals increasingly becoming the part of the customer experience. This is due to self service options like quick check kiosks. These reduce the time spent in checking in and will offer a wider selection of products and services. Qantas owns eight domestic terminals in Australia.

Regarding the infrastructure, Adelaide airport’s multi user terminal has been opened in December 2005. Both international and domestic services of Qantas will be available in this facility. Before the end of 2007 Qantas is planning to land A 380 into that terminal. This needs upgrade of Qantas club lounge facilities and that is going on.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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