Essays on Acceptable Use of E-mail and Text Messaging at Workplace Essay

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The paper "Acceptable Use of E-mail and Text Messaging at Workplace" is an outstanding example of an essay on human resources. E-mail and text messaging are a significant communication tools within our business organization, but some of the staff do not use these facilities as our policies necessitate. With regard to the use of e-mail and text messaging, we wish to remind you of our policies, which require all staff to refrain from using their staff e-mail for personal use or sending messages that contain harassing language. Most importantly, we wish to remind all staff that all e-mail sent using the company’ s facilities are monitored and the informatics committee is expecting staff to comply with the set policies. Viruses and other malicious code can damage computer facilities within the organization.

Our organization has taken steps to ensure all facilities are free from viruses. However, staff should not use their e-mails for personal use, unless for the limited personal use allowed as this could introduce viruses into our network. Instead, staff should Not open attachment from sources they do not trustContact the IT department when a virus is detectedAvoid sending executable programs as attachments on e-mails. While the organization has made efforts to secure our network, employees should avoid using e-mail or text messaging in a manner that compromises the privacy of other e-mail users.

Employees should prevent a breach of privacy by ensuring that they Work on the basis that security software can check personal data attached to e-mailsObserve confidentiality during communication with e-mail or text messages. Refrain from sending personally identifying information. Lastly, employees should note that our organization has the ability and the legal mandate to monitor messages sent via e-mail or text messages.

Employees who use e-mail or text messaging facilities consent to monitoring this organization consider essential. The monitoring will evaluate how employeesAdhere to the appropriate use of personal emails at the workplaceRefrain from sending messages with harassing language Use email to pass attachments with executable filesIf the organization finds some employees to have violated these policies, the staff will be liable for disciplinary action, but one may risk dismissal in a severe case. Copies of harassing messages may also be used in a court of law as evidence against a staff who breaches the privacy of other users. For additional guidance on how to interpret these policies, all staff should write to the director of informatics or visit him in his office.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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