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 Process Consultation at Action Company Problem Definition The major goal of consultancy is help identified and targeted clients. A process consultant, therefore, assist clients to move point from A to point B. The distance between the points is the change after helping clients. Issues in the provided case entail a consultant helping an executive committee a large company- Action Company to solve a communication problem whenever the committee is in a meeting. Initially, the consultant applied text book principles and it did not solve the problem. The core concern of the consultant is the chaotic manner in which the members carry out the meeting.

He noted that the committee always inadvertently attempts to reach the ultimate goal-the truth. Understanding the Problem In the case analysis, the consultant realized that instead of providing effective gradual directions to the group, he unintentionally forced he’s own ideals to the group. After the realization, he engaged in an exploratory inquiry into the specific needs of his clients. Thereafter, the process consultant tied the loose ends to ultimately achieve the desired objective.

The consultant attention to detail after identifying the weak points in the process of helping the clients is vital to the program. Particularly, the consultants adopts a strategy of listening attentively, this intervention elicits and structures the behavior of the executive committee. Additionally, this goes a long way in structuring the clients thinking lines and builds certain feelings and purpose of contentment from the client. The consultant was right in the diagnosis of the needs of the group, but erred, initially on the procedure that should have been helpful in addressing the problem.

Nonetheless, the realism on the ground can only be observed by the impact on the client, if the situation persists, it implies that the consultant has not been successful in his endeavors. Secondly, planning and background analysis of the situation might have assisted the consultant in treating the right problem. Interventions must be developed and planned before hand so as to help and foster a relationship between the client and the consultant. The consultant must also be sensitive in noticing the client’s reception of the initial and subsequent interventions.

According to Cummings and Christopher (254), the consultant should grasp certain basic principles; first, the client owns not only the problem but also the solution. In the case study, the clients were constantly shouting themselves hoarse in attempts to do outdo one another, without realizing that it was just chaos. This was the problem, yet the solution was in their midst and the consultant purposely guided the group towards structured debate and arguments. Seeking Solution (Cummings and Christopher 254) attribute group process to mainly interpersonal and group processes that define interaction between the members of an organization.

In the case study, the interaction of the members of the executive committee was chaotic and after identifying and understanding the problem, he was successful in addressing the outlying issue. Changes are difficult to accept yet transformations helps in improving lives and fostering orderly existence, taking a cue from the case study. Change can only be realized in a steady and measure process. In summary, the change process must be seen to be helpful, the process consultant must have a firms grasps of realities on the ground.

Nonetheless, the consultant must have access to his inadequacies, in particular, his ignorance. Work Cited Cummings, Thomas G, and Christopher G. Worley. Organization Development and Change. \ Mason, Ohio: Thomson/South-Western, 2005. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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