Essays on Process Improvement Coursework

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Process Improvement Process Improvement Total quality management (TQM) tools assist organizations in identifying, assessing, and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data relevant to the business (Sharp & McDermott, 2009). The three primary TQM tools used in process management include problem-solving methodology, brainstorming, and histogram use. Process Solving MethodologyAccording to Sharp and McDermott (2009), process-solving methodology includes defining, reviewing, identifying, verifying and execution (DRIVE) aspects’ used in the methodology. Moreover, DRIVE is a process improvement approach used by managers in analyzing and solving problems within an organization as part of management practice. Depending on the occurrence of a problem, the tool is used in solving the problems efficiently by applying DRIVE factors.

It leads to process improvement since the tool concentrates on improving quality. BrainstormingBrainstorming is a TQM tool used by a large group of people to generate great numbers of quick ideas employed in a variety of different situations. The ideas developed by the panel members incorporate records for subsequent analysis (Andersen, 2007). Therefore, brainstorming is a TQM tool mainly used in the management for review processes of the records entered during particular periods.

Besides, it leads to process improvement since it increases the chances for innovation and originality. HistogramHistogram uses pictures of distribution and variation of data grouped into cells and frequency represented by bars. Managers use histograms for convenience of large data entries, especially when the range is full. Histograms lead to process improvement in management since it highlights unusual areas indicating the occurrence of particular values. The incorporation of possible probabilities is necessary for the development of an organization based on management (Andersen, 2007). ReferencesAndersen, B (2007). Business Process Improvement Toolbox. Milwaukee, WI: ASQ Quality Press. Sharp, A., & McDermott, P.

(2009). Workflow modeling: tools for process improvement and applications development. Norwood, MA: Artech House.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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