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The paper "Procurement and Delivery Strategies" is a great example of a Management Case Study. The ability of a company to optimally utilize its resources is important in cost-cutting hence competitiveness in the highly dynamic modern business world. In trying to come up with a strategy for success, Gold Inc. has identified inefficiency in the use of copying and printing equipment as a major limitation to the attainment of relevant objectives. Among the challenges are high maintenance costs mostly due to overuse. Although there are enough computers for use by all the employees, shared hardware such as printers, scanners, and printers are not enough for everyone.

This at times leads to staff having up and down floors to access the scarcer services. Another common complaint is the failure of management to incorporate the views of all staff in decision-making that relates to purchases of equipment. Others are the existence of less than adequate instruction and technological changes that have led to the change in roles, lack of knowledge, and rendering of some equipment redundant. In order to deal with the challenges, the company needs to come up with a sustainable training strategy, based on an assessment of whether to include internal or external consultants.

More care should also be taken to ensure that new developments are communicated to everyone in a language that is easy to understand. This will ensure that everyone identifies with new equipment hence uses it well. There should towards this end, be the provision of more funds for the acquisition of the latest and therefore most reliable machines. When they are provided in adequate numbers, placed at the most appropriate locations within the building and everyone is able to use them optimally, there will be effective attainment of organizational goals relating to the minimization of cost and maximization of profitability. Introduction Gold Inc.

is a multinational firm based in Brisbane, California. Brisbane is an average-sized city in the northern San Mateo locality of California. The company is a marketing consulting firm and has recorded an impressive performance in its past years of existence. Its offices comprise a six storied office building holding a total of 355 employees. Each individual employee has been provided with a personal computer and can easily access the company’ s scanners and printers, in addition to shared photocopiers. The procurement department is active and has bought printers and photocopiers for every floor of the building.

The shared printers and scanners are found in the first, third, and fifth floors of the building. The employees have some degree of access to specialized hardware such as color and high-speed printers and color photocopiers which are all found on the second floor of the building. The equipment is all effectively networked and every department has an operational budget.

In each of the budgets, there is the provision of line items that are supposed to be either printed or photocopied. There has however been a noted inefficiency that has led to the continued overshooting of the budgets targets that have been set in the past. In the employees’ opinion, their extent of machine use, which is indeed considerably high, is necessary if they are to perform their tasks effectively. They feel that having them to reduce the volume of printing, scanning, and photocopying that they do use the hardware will limit the effectiveness of their work.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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