Essays on Procurement Management of HD Woodson Senior High School Project Case Study

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The paper "Procurement Management of HD Woodson Senior High School Project " is an outstanding example of a management case study.   HD Woodson Senior High School Project involves the construction of a post-modern learning facility to accommodate about 900 students between grades 9and 12. The facility will be constructed in a 230, 130 gross square foot and is based on a growing trend in high schools that are focused on Mathematics, Technology, Engineering and Science. The emphasis is on the construction of technological classes that integrate the design of classroom and laboratory spaces.

The construction of the facility also includes a natatorium, cafeteria, gymnasium, auxiliary gymnasium, triple jump and high jump areas, throwing area and eight-lane all-weather track. The project is estimated to cost $ 103 million and its completion will provide a modern and technological institution for local students in Washington DC City. The materials required for the project include bricks, steel, cement and glass planes. Procurement is the process in which an organization obtains materials which they require to complete a project. Procurement is meant to achieve a number of goals.

First, the process ensures uninterrupted flow of raw materials and other required materials at the lowest total cost. Procurement allows a project manager to make timely purchases of the raw materials to ensure that the project is not interrupted or delayed. The process also allows the project manager to identify the cheapest sources of raw materials and hence procure them at the lowest cost. The second goal of the procurement is to enhance the quality of the finished product. The process ensures that the raw materials used in the project are of high quality hence the final product is of the right standard.

Therefore, the goals of the procurement in the HD Woodson Senior High School Project is to identify the cheapest source of raw material, ensure an interrupted flow of the raw materials during construction and enhance the quality of the construction project. There are a considerable number of steel suppliers in Washington DC with the capacity to deliver the steel required in the HD Woodson Senior High School Project. Southern Blue Company is the major supplier of the cement in the city.

The company has been in the business for the past four decades and their record of delivering quality and timely steel has earned them a name in the provision of the steel for construction. The company has been the main provider of steel in major projects in the city and beyond. However, the company provides this material at a significantly high cost. Another steel vendor in the region is Washington D. C Steel Supplier Limited. This supplier has a record of providing quality materials at the lowest cost.

However, the company reliability in the delivery of steel is questionable. Another major supplier is Classic Construction Limited. This supplier has been in the steel market for more than three decades. The supplier delivers timely and quality construction materials at a reasonable price. In order to get the best deal from the Southern Blue Company, the best way is to reduce the procurement period since this supplier can deliver a product at a fast rate. Therefore, reducing the procurement process will save some procurement cost. In the case of the Washington D. C Steel Supplier Limited, the best deal can be obtained by ensuring that the materials are requested in advance so that any delay in the delivery does not affect the construction process.

Classic Construction Limited supplier has a reasonable price for their material and delivers the material on time and the best deal can be obtained by making the procurement process take an average time.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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