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The paper "New Fast Food Company Business Strategies" is a perfect example of a business case study. The Frepaz is an Australian new fast-food company located in the capital city Canberra and positioned as a fair-priced and healthy eatery in the city. The Frepaz will offer a variety of excellent fast food at the value and fair pricing together with an interesting atmosphere and packaging. The fast-food company will provide the answer to the ever-growing demand for cheap but healthy fast food which can be consumed during shopping, window shopping and outings in Canberra. Our marketing strategies will highly be dependent on location (distribution), segmentation, pricing and product development.

The Frepaz major focus at the moment is set up one restaurant in one of the most crowded malls in Canberra. Later, the company intends to develop more outlets within the surrounding. The company starts as a partnership where each of the four members will be required to contribute $100,000 to fund the operations. Additional funds for operations will be attained from loans from banks. A team of 17 individuals will run the operations of The Frepaz until the company reaches a point of expansion.

The top management will comprise of the founders with middle and lower-level management comprising of the thirteen people will work as a restaurant manager, cashier, cooks and servers. 1.2 Business Philosophy / Mission Statement The Frepaz’ s mission is to serve high-quality food which values for the customer at a fair price. The company strives to make its customers get the best experience when they pay a visit to the outlet. 1.3 Product/Service Description The Frepaz will offer a variety of fast food and beverages which offers customers a chance to choose from.

The outlet has set up three modes through which customer can purchase its products including table service within the outlet, take away and home or office delivery. The major products offered by The Frepaz will consist of beef and chicken burger, hamburger, sandwich, French fry, pizza, chicken fry, desserts coffee, pastry chocolate, juices and salads. The fast-food will be served with the company’ s famous sauces.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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