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Essays on Haifa's Market Segmentation, New Product Development, Competitive Environment, Marketing, and Commercialization Case Study

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The paper “ Haifa’ s Market Segmentation, New Product Development, Competitive Environment, Marketing, and Commercialization" is a thoughtful example of a case study on marketing. Better Drinks Ltd's success in the beverage market has been facilitated by an inbuilt resilience on the production processes of the company and an aggressive research and development department. The aptitude of Better Drinks Ltd to continuously evolve and develop innovative products meeting the requirements of their customers at different times has been the source of growth and expansion. With the inception of Haifa, the company’ s product portfolio will increase to three making the company’ s risk profile substantially manageable.

This report will document the necessary strategies for the successful development and launch of Haifa drink which will revolutionize the beverage industry. The drink being the first noncarbonated, sugar-free and nutritive soft drink in the UK market will be the first to respond to the consumer health issues raised on the carbonated soft drinks in the market. The inbuilt environmental compliance in the packaging of the drink will ensure that Better Drinks Ltd complies with climate change and related environmental policies.

Haifa drink and brand are expected to penetrate the market with ease based on its qualities and proposed promotion campaigns are launched by Better Drinks Ltd. Organization backgroundBetter Drinks LTD is a company that has been in beverage production for a period of over 20 years since its inception and registration in the year 1990 in the UK. The company has been the market leader in the production of carbonated beverages in the UK market until the last two years where the target sales began to drop due to the general market orientation away from the carbonated drinks.

This has made the company’ s research and development unit to further investigate the market for the main reasons for the sales drop and emerging consumer needs. The company has its main production unit in London and supplies the whole of the UK and its environs. The plant is based on state-of-the-art technology for processing and packaging of drinks on a large scale. The company has been associated with brands like Cola and Today which have been successful brands in the UK market.

The Company’ s research and development has identified the need for the noncarbonated sub-product in order to be relevant in the market. The sub-product should be nutritional with varied fruit ingredients and flavours. This has lead to the development of the noncarbonated mango and orange-flavoured drink; HaifaProduct overviewHaifa drink is proposed to be non-carbonated, sugar-free and highly nutritive. The drink concept is based on the consumers' need for sugar-free products and the growing dislike for noncarbonated drinks. The drink blends the concept of fresh juices and the need for healthy living to bring out a market positioning of rejuvenation and health.

The drinks will be produced on the same plant as the other brands of the company but require a slight adjustment in the mixing segment. The sugar-free aspect of the drink has been catered for by the use of plant sweeteners which have no health hazards.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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