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The paper "Product Innovation Project" is a perfect example of a marketing assignment. The new product innovation is a helmet with a Bye Bye Magpie. This product is different from the old helmet with zip ties. It uses a device that sounds like an alarm or something similar to scare magpies off. It is an innovative helmet that has distinctive looks. It has a layer of cardboard fitted with an alarm system that acts as an anti magpie swooping device. This will help in preventing attacks from magpies. The helmet is also well ventilated with an appealing look to the targeted market.

It is not heavy and it’ s produced using innovative technology. 2. Overview of the market/industry relevant to your innovation The targeted market  is  based  on  people  who  like  biking in Australia. These people are prone to attacks from magpies and a helmet fitted with a device that sounds like an alarm will be able to scare magpies away. Cyclists are usually attached and injured by magpies. Others end up killed in traffic when trying to evade a swooping magpie. Wearing a helmet that has a scaring device fitted with an alarm system is effective in scaring against the birds. 3.

Key attributes and advantages of innovation in order to highlight the reasons why you think your innovation has a good chance to succeed. The innovation of a helmet with a Bye Bye Magpie is attractive, it is well ventilated, its shield is adjustable, it is easy to clean and it has a simple exterior design and colors that are striking. This innovation has what it takes for a biking helmet that enables users to enjoy its aggressiveness and sheer style.

It provides enough safety for cyclists who are prone to magpie attacks. This innovation will have an advantage in the market over the helmet with a zip tie. The reason is that the helmet fitted with a zip tie does not have an attractive look, it is difficult to clean and above all, it is not safe for cyclists who are frequently exposed to magpie attacks. The use of zip ties is prone to damaging the helmet foam. The reason is that a zip tie is usually a cosmetic item. 4. Possible key disadvantages/risk of the innovation The main disadvantage of this innovation is that people are already  used  to  the old helmet fitted with a zip tie and adopting a new product may take time.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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