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Integrated Interface Operating System Proposal Executive Summary Due to the ever increasing technological global demands and supplements, “Inferno Network Operating System” is our latest product, developed at Yoogle. It has a multi-operating interface and outlook. This makes it able to integrate many technological components like audio-visual media, communication accessories alongside other forms. With Inferno Network Operating System, we are aiming at making product and service delivery efficient in business premises and social settings both locally and the international community. At the comfort of your room in homes, you are able to benefit from the product; which works by an integrated network communication system.

This will have a major implication on the time and effort of users, thus proving as a real-time efficient operating system Opportunity Inferno Network Operating System is developed to address a wide range of users, contrary to the case of other operating systems. Its target primary users include manufacturers for devices like television sets, mobile phones, laptops, network service providers and application developers. This makes Inferno the latest system with multiphase operation capabilities that will enable users access infinitely a wide range of information and communication technology services.

(Alex, Raymond and Dara, 56). Other than providing these many opportunities, Inferno Network Operating System; by its dynamic channels of operation, is developed to execute other applications installed in the system to suit the user’s desires. This makes it the only operating system that can be able to develop software, aided by its coder interface. To achieve this feature, simple commands are prompted by the user. In this sense, the user does not need to buy other software and applications.

There is also a user manual on how to operate this mode of interface. The operating system makes it possible to switch from audio to visual media or both Audio/visual, proving to be even most convenient for persons with disabilities. Cutting Edge Inferno Network Operating System can be installed in all kinds of devices, ranging from mobile phones to i-pods, palmtops, just to mention but a few. This is made possible by its limiting space requirement in the user device; only one megabyte of space is needed. This limiting space requirement is an achievement of nano-technology; the latest global communication technology in use.

One therefore must not have an expensive or sophisticated device to use the Operating system as in most operating systems. It also gives the user an advantage of manipulating the command prompts to fit their desires. Proposal Inception of Inferno Network Operating System into the market will definitely change the benefits accruing from technological advancements both to the rich and low-income earners. This will be made possible by the fact incorporation of the operating system into electronic devices is not limiting to sophistication.

Other competencies by the operating system will include: Integration of simple softwares with related tasks that will be able to perform similar tasks that can share properties, via the networks. This will lead to a possibility of sharing several experiences even among family members as well as corporations. The user will be able to access similar services and benefits together with the target group. It will enhance the security systems in homes due to its universality capabilities. In this event, a user is exposed to an interface linking various devices, like a T. V set to a mobile phone. It will also provide a financial remedy that is incurred in buying several electronic equipment.

Inferno Network Operating System will be able to shift the communication modes of a device, like transforming a television set from an entertainment device into a monitoring screen where all activities taking place in a given locality can be observed. Project Timeline ACTIVITY RESPONSIBILITY TIMING Development of the Operating System Yoogle Company February 2012 Evaluation of the operating system Yoogle & Google May 2013 User evaluation (Test version) Users July 2013 Feedback from the target market(conference) Users September 2013 Formal Launching of the operating system Yoogle August 2014 Marketing the operating system Yoogle October 2014 Budgetary Estimates The whole process of developing Inferno Network Operating system will involve a total expenditure of $ 15,000,000,000.

This will also include the costing of its promotions as well as marketing of the product. Over considering our current financial standing; therein including expenditures at the preliminary stages, the company will be at convenience to complete the entire process with a tune of $ 8,000,000,000. Work cited Alex, K., et al. Reducing Power while Increasing Performance with Super CISC: ACM on Embedded Computing Systems. TECS, 2006.Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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