Essays on Production and Operations Management - Viverra Motors Case Study

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The paper 'Production and Operations Management - Viverra Motors " is a good example of a management case study. Viverra Motors a business firm that is about 15 years old with the procurement of a Mitsubishi dealership. The company has just engaged in an acquisition of a new dealership, which handles a line of vehicles including Hyundais, Cherys, and Volkswagens. The business has a total of four dealerships, which separately buy their parts and materials form distinct suppliers. As a result, the business has various policies and procedures that concern its buying activities and inventory management.

Clearly, there are various drawbacks that the firm has regarding its management of the inventory system. Besides, the company’ s concepts of supply chain and inventory are important in its space and investment reduction. This report, therefore, this report is designed to tackle these issues and offer the company suggestions, which will help in restructuring the firm’ s inventory and purchasing practices; hence, enhancement of its performance. List of tables and figures Appendix A Introduction Viverra Motors is a firm that has recently acquired a new auto supermarket to handle in three-vehicle lines; Hyundais, Cherys, and Volkswagens.

Currently, the company owns four dealerships that buy various parts and materials for both sales of, and servicing customers’ vehicles. This report, therefore, seeks to explore the distinction between the company’ s procedures and policies of purchasing and inventory management due to the buying of various products from distinct suppliers. Secondly, the report illuminates some of the drawbacks of the firm’ s inventory and purchasing activities, and as their impacts of the new possession on them. Additionally, the paper reports on the consequences of supply chains in the process of minimizing its space and investment necessities.

The report also offers certain suggestions for the company’ s improvement in its inventory and purchasing activities. Assumptions The report is prepared with assumptions that Viverra Motors will: Face certain distinctions in the purchase and inventory management resulting from different vendors Have limitations in its purchase and inventory management practices.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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