Essays on Grandiose Motors: Operations Management Case Study

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The paper "Grandiose Motors: Operations Management" is a wonderful example of a case study on management. Production and Operations Management concerns the transformation of products and operational inputs into outputs. This is depended on the needs and desires of the customers thus when they are distributed they meet the needs of the customers. The transformation process is also referred to as the conversion process which involves many activities and methods of handling it. The role of the production process in any business organization concerns areas like aesthetics, performance, quality, reliability, quantity, and cost of production and dates of delivery.

Operations management is a field of management concern about overseeing, designing, and redesigning the operations of a business in the production of goods and services. The responsibilities include ensuring that the operations of the business are efficient using as limited resources as possible and very effective to meet the needs and expectations of the consumers. The study below is a production and operations management analysis of a case study on growing pains at Grandiose Motors and the experiences of Felix Fabulous as the CEO of the organization. Role of operational managers in an organizationThe general roles of operations managers in the management of any organization include reporting, planning, and control.

These enable them to perform other responsibilities like development and improvement of the potentials of the junior staff and improvement of the efficiency of the operations. These operations are the most essential in all the activities of any organization because these managers are responsible for the control of all the operations taking place in the organization and at all levels. They plan for them including how they are supposed to be undertaken and those to undertake them; he then controls them to ensure that they are doe as expected.

After everything is done, the operations manager is supposed to give a report of the outcome compared to the expectations during the planning time. These highly influence the performance of the organization and the efficiency of the operations (Chary, 2009). As the CEO of Grandiose motors, Felix Fabulous serves the responsibilities of operations management. His main focus is on the expansion of the activities operations of the organization.

For the 15 years of survival, the organization has acquired four dealerships in automobiles which were concern about marketing different makes of cars.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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