Essays on Operational Issues Facing Turbo Exhaust Case Study

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The paper "Operational Issues Facing Turbo Exhaust" is a great example of a case study on management. The following paper focuses on the production and operational management and how it affects the manufacturing company. It expounds on the topic this paper focuses on the Turbo Exhaust Company, which is one of the leading manufacturers of car exhaust. Production and operational management is science and art of transforming the production and inputs into a product that will satisfy the customer. It involves the conversion of raw materials into a finished product that a customer needs.

The process of conversion has a chain of interdependent tasks that help in adding value to a product or transform it into a new product (Mill 2008). Initially, Turbo Exhaust Company used to designs and manufactures custom-made high-performance automotive extractors and exhaust. The company started in 1994 to produce special exhaust and extraction for the motor racing industry. Over the years, the company has grown and apart from manufacturing custom-made exhausts, it makes off-the-shelf exhausts for private motorists. A particular engine determined the specifics of exhausts during the manufacturing stages.

Due to the high demand of the company decided to make more exhausts and stock them. The exhaust in stock was not specific to the engine in question but was rather general. This opened an opportunity that developed into today’ s company (Giannantonio & Hurley-Hanson 2011). The goal of manufacturing industries is to improve their products, low costs, and increase profit, however, this does not come easily and requires experts, and more research in the field of both production and operations (Dul, Hak, Goertz & Voss 2010). In this paper it clear that Turbo Exhaust Company has made big steps since it 1994 but this is not to say there are no challenges.

As the company increases it faces bigger challenges that it has to tackle if it has to expand and meet the over rising demand. Partnership with other companies has helped in increasing the effectiveness of the company in achieving its objectives (Gupta, Koulamas & Kyparisis 2009).  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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