Essays on Operations Management of Hudson Alpine Furniture Case Study

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The paper "Operations Management of Hudson Alpine Furniture" is a great example of a case study on management. This essay sets out to identify and discuss the operational aspects that are affecting Hudson Alpine Furniture; this will be done by paying attention to both the strategic issues and day to day implications of the aspects to the organization. In doing so the essay will outline and discuss the current production systems and processes used by Hudson (technical analysis), the effect of the new commercial furniture orders on Hudson operations, this area will include aspects such as the capacity constraints in the organization, operational efficiency and overall effectiveness of the plant, the daily operational decisions that the operations manager needs to make under the current operating conditions to maintain effective production and lastly the effect the move to producing commercial furniture might have on the company’ s financial structure. Technical analysis This section of the essay outlines and discusses the current production systems and processes that are applied by Hudson Alphine furniture.

Hudson currently applies various systems and processes which aid them in the production of their products that is furniture for both the custom line and commercial line customers (Burtonshaw-Gunn, 2010).

Over time the number of ordered commodities has been on the rise thus the need for scheduling in the company so that work can be performed in the right way and completed within the required time limit. Due to this increase, scheduling is made and the custom furniture is always given priority since of the higher sales volume and profits obtained from the sale of the custom furniture as compared to the sales volume and profits that are obtained from the sale of commercial line furniture’ s.

Scheduled lots of components for commercial furniture are often left sitting around the plant in various stages of completion. The company’ s operations are mainly done in one location which is also their manufacturing facility in Queanbeyan which is close to Canberra. It is where both the custom and more standardized commercial furniture pieces are manufactured. The equipment that is used by the company for their production is mainly general purpose in nature since they are expected to provide additional flexibility which is necessary for the production of the custom made pieces of furniture.

Based on the layout of the manufacturing factory, the equipment are grouped together based on the function they are supposed to perform.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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