Essays on Production of Digital Content for Academic Purposes Assignment

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The paper "Production of Digital Content for Academic Purposes" is a worthy example of an assignment on marketing. This marketing report will focus on Australia’ s digital content industry. The industry has developed various products and services, which have been utilized in various sectors of the economy. This has been made possible by the high technological strides that Australia has made in recent years. Consequently, the Australian government is moving towards the development of a comprehensive Digital Content Strategy, which will accelerate and improve the use of digital content within Australia and beyond its borders.   Introduction This report starts by identifying the service of providing digital content to schools then highlights the target market followed by the cultural, political, demographic, and economic issues that led to its success.

This will be succeeded by an assessment of countries that would be a possible destination for the introduction of the service. The report concludes by outlining the challenges and identifying the possible strategy to be used in entering the market Chosen product/service: Digital content in the education sector The role of technology in education cannot be downplayed. Even as the world continues to adopt new technologies, so does the education sector.

Several policy frameworks have realized this need and have structured their strategies in recognition of the critical role expected to be played by new technologies. The Adelaide Declaration of 1999, for instance, recognizes the fact that the future will be shaped by ICT. It argues that students should, therefore, be ready to use these new technologies. Consequently, there are plans to support education through digital means and the elimination of perceived barriers (MCEETYA, 1999). The specific service chosen is the production of digital content for academic purposes.

There is content that serves the needs of learners in various institutions. This sector was chosen because it is a rapidly growing sector and there is room for growth. According to estimates by the CIE, the industry employs about 300,000 people and has an annual trade deficit of about $2 billion. The other factor that makes digital content worthy of study is the fact that it is one of the first in the region and has quickly become a success story (CIE, 2005). Currently, digital content in Australia is controlled and regulated by Education Services Australia (ESA).

The digital content sector, especially as regards to academic purposes, has not been fully utilized in Australia. As early as 2001, the procurement and use of digital content have been assigned to business enterprises. One such institution is The Learning Federation (TLF), which has so far procured in excess of 8,800 items of digital content for use by schools. Such content has so far been able to fill the void and meet the needs of most curriculum areas (Baker, n.d).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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