Essays on Professionalism and Ethics Case Study

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Professionalism and Ethics The owner of Econo-lube in St. George was definitely trying to commit fraud since he tried to attract customers using false means. All the people who received mails from the owner of Econo-lube were forced to spent more than what was offered in the mail letter. The owner of Econo-lube never disclosed the details of his offer in the mail letter which forced many people to approach him for the oil change for such a low amount. The owner of Econo-lube had wrong intentions while sending mail to car owners.

His strategy was to attract car owners with false promises and then force them to repair or service their vehicles for unnecessarily for charging huge amounts. It should be noted that the customers like Jeff and Rick approached the owner of Econo-lube, not for repairing their vehicles, but for the oil discounted oil changes. Instead of delivering the services mentioned in the mail, the owner of Econo-lube performed full vehicle check-up and threatened the owners that their vehicles have lot of other problems. The owner of Econo-lube has the responsibility of delivering the services offered in the mail only.

None of the customers approached him had no intentions to repair their vehicles rather than changing the oil for the discounted prices offered. Nobody asked him to perform a full vehicle check-up. The owner of Econo-lube did perform the services which were unauthorised by the customers. In short, the owner of Econo-lube was definitely committed fraud. The customers should definitely enquire more details about the offers they received from such fraud mails. They should contact the service providers through telephone to get more details about the services offered, instead of immediately approaching them.

Customers should realize that there could be some hidden costs behind every offers delivered to them by the service providers. The marketing in the twenty-first century has crossed all the limits as far as ethics and morality re concerned. Product manufactures and service providers are using all the tactics to deceive the customers. Greedy customers often become the victims of service providers like the owner of Econo-lube. Customers should always approach the authorised service centres for servicing their vehicles.

Vehicles manufacturers will never take responsibility for the damages occurred to a vehicle if it is serviced by unauthorised people. While servicing their vehicles in unauthorised outlets, customers will not only lose more money, but also may lose the warranty provided by the vehicle manufacturer. In the given case, many symptoms of fraud were present. For example, Jeff’s uncle confirmed that some of the expensive repair works suggested by the owner of Econo-lube was not required at all. In other words, the owner of Econo-lube was trying to exploit Jeff in an unethical manner by forcing the Jeff to repair his vehicle for unnecessary reasons.

It should be noted that a layman like Jeff will never come to know what corrections, replacements or repair works were done on his vehicle. In other words, the owner of Econo-lube was trying to make money by offering unrequired services to the vehicle. It is definitely a symptom of fraud present in this case.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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