Essays on Professionalism and Organizations in the Construction Industry Coursework

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The paper "Professionalism and Organizations in the Construction Industry" is an outstanding example of management coursework.   Construction organizations are the organizations which represent the employees at their place of work. They are meant to facilitate the protection as well as improvement of workers’ conditions and pay. The organizations are designed in a manner that is agreeable with the policies and laws which are enacted for the benefit of workers. They are found to be necessary since individual workers have limited power or capacity to influence decisions relating to their jobs.

When the workers join together, their influence is enhanced significantly (Weiss & Schmidt 2008, 245). In essence, there are three primary reasons why workers join organizations: to better their pay, working conditions, and be protected in case a problem arises within the working environment. The safeguarding of the interests of the members can be achieved through a number of means. These include the obtaining of pay rates that are satisfactory. Research studies have indicated that unionized workers earn better wage levels than those who are not unionized. These workers have their jobs protected.

Indeed, unionized workers are not easily dismissed (LePatner 2008, 112). Provision of Valuable Information, Assistance, and Resources Unionized workers are able to access valuable pieces of information and assistance during the time of need. The information enables them to secure adequate working facilities. The resources available to them facilitate their own assessment of as to whether their working conditions are satisfactory. Construction workers are able to evaluate whether the issues of safety and health are taken care of in an appropriate manner. They are also able to evaluate whether the industry is an equal opportunity employer and whether equality is maintained (LePatner 2008, 113). The information that organizations post on their websites empowers the members and enables them to negotiate bonuses as they seek to achieve their targets.

They are also able to negotiate for the improvement of the conditions at their workplaces from an informed position. They get adequately informed, especially with regard to their job descriptions (Marshall 2008, 48). According to the information posted on the construction forestry mining energy union (CFMEU) website, it is evident that the ability of construction organizations to execute their functions is dependent on their density as well as their membership.

This is why more and more construction workers are encouraged to join the union since its influence is enhanced as the membership increases (LePatner 2008, 110). The information posted on these websites does also facilitate the process of recruiting new members. Construction workers find it easy to unite since their obligations are alike. Individuals are recruited into various organizations through different means. While research has indicated that most potential members learn about the construction organizations from their colleagues, there are a significant number of workers that establishes direct contact with organizations via their websites.

This is why websites are important as they serve as important points of information for the employees and other stakeholders (Weiss & Schmidt 2008, 245). A number of organizations have been engaging representatives who go around marketing and informing construction workers about their operations. Every time that these representatives contact the potential members, they ask them to visit the websites for more information. The websites post updated information so as to ensure that the members are updated on any development.

This does also minimize the period of time spent by the personnel officers explaining about organizations when new members of staff join the organization (March 2012, 49).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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