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The paper "Who Is Steve Jobs? " is a perfect example of an essay on biographies. Perhaps if there is an individual who really caught everybody’ s attention during these past few weeks, that would be Steve Jobs especially with his resignation from Apple Inc. The way he has reshaped the computing, music, and mobile phone business was revolutionary that he is chosen for the subject of this profile essay. But what we would write about him is not about how he co-founded Apple Inc. or how he invented iPod and iPhone but the little eccentricities that make him a mortal just like everyone else. Steve Jobs is known to be a perfectionist and could be the toughest boss that one will have as quoted by NeXT cofounder Daniel Lewin in Fortune.

But he also makes mistakes like being not proud of how he handled his lovechild with a former girlfriend Chrisann Brennan. He initially denied the paternity of his daughter that she was even briefly raised on welfare. This is quite odd considering that he is the 42nd wealthiest man in America. He is not also known to be a philanthropist like his Microsoft rival Bill Gates.

When he assumed as CEO at Apple Inc. , he abolished all the philanthropy program of the company. He is not also known to be a graceful competitor as he is known to have enmity with Dell Computer’ s CEO, Michael Dell. Steve Jobs eating habit is also not mainstream. He is a pescetarian. He only eats fish meat that includes vegetables. Steve might have been painted as a demi-god in the technology industry but knowing these little peculiarities about him makes us realize that he is just, after all, a human being just like everyone else.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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