Essays on PROJECT 1- DERIVING MEANING Coursework

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Deriving meaning Deriving meaning form an art Figure Reference art: Relief caving from the Kandarya Mahedeva temple Khajurao India on page 177The strategies in deriving meaningFormal analysisElements in this picture comprise images of people enjoying sexual contacts evident from images of men masturbating besides other related acts (Arntz, n.d. ). It shows a form of togetherness among the people in the societal setting. Masturbating people in this portrait embrace women and men whereby they seem to be in a state of celebration intended to please each other. Hence, integrating with each other to show heightened level of fantasies, which the involved parties seem to enjoy.

The other idea in the art according to the combination of the elements is the sign of pleasure and reunion among the people addressed by the presentation art. Psychoanalytical strategyThe art in this situation also shows the culture of people within a given community. It clearly shows that there was an element of meaning of sexuality in the previous times. It shows that there was past experience in terms of lack of freedom to enjoy certain elements of life (Arntz, n.d. ).

The picture also shows an element of reunion to show in the past separation of people within a given community. Feminism criticismThe art also shows an element of gender in the art. It explains the roles of women and men in their line of marriage. It exploits the relationship that the community expects from a man and woman who are together in marriage (Arntz, n.d. ). This shows they have the role of satisfying one another in their marital life though one aspect is more of erotic than it ought to be, which masturbation.

In addition, it shows the aspect of feminism that exists in terms of gender interactions whereby each woman within the society in question ought to be submissive to their polygamous husbands. Personal interpretationWhen I look at the picture, what comes into my mind is the perception of people towards sexuality. The erotic practices shown in the picture dictates the current society that consists of exposure of certain social evils. Hence, aligning with the current society’s perception towards sexuality whereby most people term sex as an art of celebrating amongst themselves by pleasing each other with their bodies, which is evident in the above portrait.

ReferencesArntz, C. (n. d.). Reproduction & Sexuality.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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