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Appendix 5: consumer price inflation 201123Business Intelligence Report for ЕсоСlеаn CoIntroductionThis report is established after analysis of performance data for EcoClean Co. using Excel and Access for critical business intelligence analysis. The purpose of the report is to provide a critical analysis comparing bench marks and real trends on the annual sales and sales staff performance of EcoClean Company for their kitchen, cleaning, and laundry products in the company’s three retail outlets in Sidney, Brisbane, and Melbourne for the years 2010, 2011, and 2012. The report addresses the following: First, the management performance of each channel in the year 2012 based on a 95% benchmark; second, criteria-related performance by channel; and third, ranking for each product for each channel.

Management Performance Report for 2012This section of the report addresses and compares the sales performances in the three channels for the year 2012 when a 95% benchmark was set by the CEO for all sales. Sales Performance by Channel The 2012 total sales for Sydney were $ 233,071 or 103% of the targeted sales. The total sales for Brisbane were $216,403 or 98.5% of the targeted sales.

Meanwhile, the total sales for Melbourne were $44,545.50 or 80.8 % of the targeted sales (See Appendix 1 for each sales rep contribution to the company). All the sales representatives from Sydney performed above the benchmark leading to highest sales in Sydney. Meanwhile, all sales representatives from Melbourne performed below the benchmark leading to low sales generated by the state. The three states have similar business environment and heritage (Victorian Government Department of Infrastructure, 2000), in addition to similar products being marketed by the company. Therefore Sydney and Brisbane performed well because of the aggressiveness of the sales team as compared to that of Melbourne.

It is possible that the Melbourne team a change of management tactics to improve the sales. Graph 1: Sales performance and targets for each sales person. Sales Performance by Product Category By product category for each state, Sydney surpassed the benchmark in all the three categories with cleaning products giving $68,886 or 99.83% of the target sales, kitchen products giving $59,924 or 105.13% of targeted sales, and laundry giving $104,261 or 104.26% of targeted sales.

Brisbane passed the benchmark with cleaning and laundry products at $59,732 or 96.34% and $$106,671 or 118.52% of the target sales respectively. Kitchen products sales were below the benchmark at $50,000 or 80.65% of the target sales. All of Melbourne’s product category sales were below the benchmark with cleaning at $12,303.50 (76.9%), kitchen at $13,864 (81.55%) and laundry at $18, 378.50 (83.54%) of targeted sales respectively (Appendix 2 product category description). Laundry products have the highest sales while kitchen products have the least and this could be based on the logic that more laundry items are used as compared to kitchen items hence there is more washing done for laundry leading to higher purchase of laundry products. Graph 2 showing sales performance by product category 2.3 Sales Performance by Individual ProductsLaundry products include Laundry Liquid, Laundry Powder, Fabric Softener and Pre-Was Soaker whose total 2012 sales were $229,310 or 102.1 % of the target sales.

Kitchen products include Dish Washing Liquid with Chamomile, Machine Dishwashing Powder with Citrus, and Disinfectant with Lemongrass whose total 2012 sales for the company were $123,788 or 89.11% of the target sales, this being below the benchmark.

Cleaning products include Stainless Steel Polish, Multipurpose Cleaner with Grapefruit, Floor Cleaner, Window Cleaner and Furniture Polish whose total 2012 sales for the company were $140, 921.50 or 91.02% of the target sales. (See Appendix 3 for information in product ID, name, and retail cost).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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