Essays on The Activities of a Professional in Human Resource Management Assignment

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The paper "The Activities of a Professional in Human Resource Management" is a brilliant example of an assignment on human resources. Human resource managers have much to undertake depending on the day of the week and time. Since they act as the engine of the organization, their duties may be indoors or outdoors depending on the circumstance and the nature of the job. Their day to day activities within or outside the office are but not limited to, developing job descriptions which enable the company or the organization to articulate the most important outcome the organization needs from its employers regarding a particular job.

In the office, they also engage themselves in job analysis. They do this by collecting information about the duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, outcomes and work environment of a particular job. Outside the office, the manager may engage himself in the implementation and administration of large and or complicated research studies with other related organizations that may include the development and validation of the records of the organization. Still, outdoors, he represents the human resource department at a variety of meetings and symposia and later advice the department accordingly.

And their biggest duty at a given time of the day could be to replace the position their senior staff and required to resume the duties in the same capacity when the senior is committed elsewhere. At all times, human resource managers are always required to wear suits. This is so because most of their duties and dealings are always formal and executive, so to speak. However, there are instances when jeans trouser may come in. this situation may arise when the manager has been requested by the company to work on a particular duty on the company’ s premise but the request falls on a weekend or public holiday.

A professional in this career work under tight official time guidelines. They are supposed to report to work at 9 am or earlier leave the office a few minutes past 5 pm. However, sometime they may have to work late if there is a deadline that must be observed. With the job, there are special skills required so as to keep up with the ever-changing management and technological trends.

Importantly is the analytical skill. The manager must be good at analysis issues, researches and solving matters arriving on his desk. Like an engine in the company, he will need personal relations skills. This helps in the establishment of collaborative relationships with various functional and departmental areas. Considering the VARK and MBTI assessments, the results of the assessment have a reflection on the management part of the career I have chosen. This is so as management part of the career needs a manager who must be good at analyzing issues, researches, and matters that need his attention on a day to day basis.

This part is a true result of my VARK and MBTI assessment results. Unfortunately, much of the career does no tallow individuals to work within their dominant learning style. The working conditions are dictated by market demands which keep on changing. Therefore trying to work within one's dominant learning style will tempt to drag the company behind. In other words, there are constant seminars and workshop that periodically changes people’ s dominant learning styles.

This career caters to other people’ s preferences as there are parts of the job that are dependent on an individual’ s ability to comprehend and provide a solution(s) to the problem. As explained above, the career is multifaceted and so are its demands. Therefore it needs constant consultations. It is why seminars and symposiums are held regularly to update staff of the changes in the market. As of creativity, it is the biggest challenge for anyone working as a human resource manager. The working environment meets challenges as new trends in demands and preferences change almost fortnightly.

If one is not creative relying on only prescribed methods of work may see the organization coming to a standstill. This job is all about making decisions, tough or favorable all be aimed at improving people’ s lives. These decisions are great to complement the result of my MBTI making me feel as if it is a good fit for me. Part II: Career and Academic Planning The career assessment indicated that there is a particular degree required.

The best-recommended degree will be a bachelor of business administration. Human resource management as a career covers much of the scope regarding business. Taking business administration as a degree requirement will be added advantages as the manager will need analytical skills. However, there is no major recommended since the career has no narrowed scope of understanding. As a recommendation to take a bachelor's degree in business management, I will prefer taking the recommended degree at Michigan State University There are two basic benefits of earning associate degrees prior to transferring to Michigan State University- It will improve my employability as I will be having diversified skills from the degree.

- Since there are some similarities between the associate degree and the recommended one, it will be easier to get some units or programs waivered as it will be pointless doing them again. Part III: Next Steps Guaranteed academic admission (GAA) refers to admission allowed to the student joining north NOVA or the same admission criteria allowed to a student from NOVA. Students allowed to join NOVA will be expected to meet conditions such as the acceptance of all transferable credits earned from the transfer oriented associate degree program.

NOVA has a formal transfer policy with many institutions. These agreements give details and terms of transfer for the college students completing associate programs. This agreement defines programs to be transferred to other associate institutions. The guideline states that only courses with a grade C or better will be accepted for transfer even if the students have an A. S or A. A degree. Along with that, students need to hand in a completed transcript request form online through NOVA connect or student center.

Guideline for transferring credits to Michigan State University explains that admitted students with college or university credit will be allowed to see their formal transfer credit evaluation in six weeks' time after their required advanced enrollment deposit is received. This will show how courses completed at other institutions transfer to Michigan State University. Students wishing to make a transfer from a two-year institution may transfer a maximum of 60-semester credits for use towards a bachelor’ s degree. However, course work assigned a grade of 2.0 are not eligible for transfer credit.

Lastly, students may receive credit through the International A-Level examination. In such cases, their scores must be received by the office of admissions from the testing agency.  


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