Essays on Market Entry of a New Product in China Case Study

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The paper "Market Entry of a New Product in China" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. The main purpose of this market is to analyses the situation of the company at the moment and to determine how to reach our customers. It also acts as the platform for evaluating market tactics and ways to up the game. This marketing plan begins with a critical analysis of the current market situation so as to enable us to chart the way forward. All the information needed to make constructive decisions will only be found by reviewing the internal and external environments of the firm. We shall also put a critical analysis of the company’ s strengths, opportunities, and major threats and weaknesses.

Our key strength is that we have a team of vibrant, competent and committed staff members with knowledge and expertise. While our main weakness is that we have not done much in marketing and advertising. In addition, we have a lot of opportunities as our product’ s features are relatively new in the market. Our main goal is to become the leading supplier of cheap but sophisticated air purifiers in the whole of China within the next three years.

As by our market strategy, we want to channel a lot of energy, resources and time in marketing our product in order to conquer the market with ease. We have a clear strategic plan to maximize all the marketing avenues in the media and otherwise in marketing and promotion. The implementation and the way to control all the strategies are clearly captured in this particular document. All other necessary information is captured here as this document will be referred from time to time. Description of Daily Life and Lifestyle People of China have varied lifestyles and ways of living.

These variations are based on the geographical regions. The majority of them are casual laborers who work in industries and mines. Others are business people while a small percentage are career people. Most of the masculine jobs are handled by while many women do domestic chores (Blog. eteacherchinese. com). Many Chinese people are vegetarians, but they also eat snails and dog meat. A good number own single-family houses while many rent houses.

There are also very many recreational places such as swimming pools and stadia. Good numbers of people own mobile phones and can access the internet at a low cost (Blog. eteacherchinese. com). Competitive and Environmental Analysis My product will be marketed in China which is in East Asia. The country has been plagued with a lot of air pollution (Poddar, M. Ellis, and Ozcan). The country has good transport systems and better forms of communication. Consumers in the country have excellent buying habits especially new and sophisticated products, especially in urban areas. Our product will be sold through supermarkets and retail shops.

This is because there are a lot of them in urban centers. This is also where similar products are normally found. China is a BIG Cake Since 1978, the Chinese government has implemented a comprehensive and strategic Opening-up policy that involved permitting increasing foreign direct investments and global trade to ensure progressive economic development. These policies have proved the county’ s socio-economic development and have given the residents a considerable impact (Gerdes, p.57). China has become one of the biggest markets for businesses in the whole world.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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