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The paper "Project Leadership and Management " is an outstanding example of management coursework.   Project management is geared up towards ensuring that the goals and objectives of a specific project are realised with the highest possible degrees of success. In the wake of increased dynamics in the global world necessitating continuous organisational improvement and realignment in addition to ever-growing contractual/seasonal assignments, project management has risen to be an important organisational management function. Key functions in project management and planning include resourcing, risk management and leadership and project management plans. The discussion in the following essay assumes the potion of a project manager for a 3-day music festival to be held in country Victoria across the Australia Day Weekend in 2016. Insight into the Project It is worth giving an insight into what the project is all about.

As pointed out earlier, the project aims at successfully organising and hosting a 3-day music festival in country Victoria in the weekend falling in the Australia Day. Australia Day is celebrated on the 26th of January of every year. The day is used to mark an anniversary of the arrival of the 1st British ship fleet that docked at Port Jackson in 1788 followed by the raising of the Great Britain flag by the then Governor Arthur Phillip.

On this point, it is important to highlight that present-day Australia is a society formed from a population descending from diverse national and cultural backgrounds. The British have the highest foreign influence on Australia; having conquered the land, colonised it and later on inhabited it. With time, the meaning of Australia Day has transformed into a family day, presentation of community awards day, celebration of citizenship and reflections into the country’ s history so as to incorporate the diverse Australian society. The 3-day music festival is planned to be held across the Australian Day weekend in 2016 in the country Victoria.

In the past, the festival has been attended by 8000 to 12000 people. For this reason, the project manager should make logistics that support the expected crowd in addition to about 20% more as turnout growth is expected. The local weather in the host location is settled and fine. Therefore, there are no expected challenges from weather extremes.

However, the local accommodation is limited; thus presenting a major challenge to project managers with respect to accommodating the attendees. It is imperative that the project management comes up with an innovative approach to counter this challenge (Masterman & Wood 2006, p. 12). The roads leading to the venue are narrow, winding and hilly. As such, it is important that the event management has in place an effective traffic control system so as to avoid unnecessary jam and accidents. Project Resourcing Plan Resources are key factors influencing the success of any project.

Ideally, without resources, event management would not be in a position to deliver on their responsibilities. Project resource planning acknowledges the importance of resources in the project success and comes up with a framework of optimising on the available resources so as to ensure highest possible project success degrees (Bob Little 2011, p. 37). Project resource planning identifies all the resource requirements of a project and maps out where they will be sourced from and at what time (Kerzner 2013, p, 47). In the context of the 3-day music festival, some of the key resources that are required in the project includes entertainment and public address systems, security personnel, emergency, health and ambulances, ticketing system, sales and marketing personnel, musicians & other performance artists, catering and beverage service personnel, accommodation resources, transport, lighting, sanitation and hygiene resources amongst others.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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