Essays on Players Recruiting Process at Gold Coast Football Club Case Study

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The paper "Players Recruiting Process at Gold Coast Football Club " is a perfect example of a business case study. This project entails creating, designing, building, and implementing a recruiting software system known as ‘ ProRecruit. ' The purpose of this project is to improve the players’ recruiting process at Gold Coast Football Club by making it more efficient thereby enhancing the team’ s performance and competitiveness. The Australian football league is way behind other sports such as baseball and rugby in the country. To improve the popularity of football, clubs like Gold Coast must enhance their standards by recruiting very talented players.

The ‘ ProRecruit’ will ensure that only the best players are chosen by integrating the players’ statistics and physical attributes during the recruitment process. Moreover, this software will eliminate any bias or favouritism by the recruiters. Currently, the team scouts use experience, wisdom, and intuition to draft new players to the team. However, without the use of tangible evidence of the players’ abilities, there is room for favouritism whereby the scouts draft players according to personal relationships. This project will eliminate any inefficiencies in the recruitment process by storing data of similar players such as possession, goals, tackles, interceptions, and speed among others for comparison purposes so that only the players with the best statistics are selected.

The enhanced efficiencies during the selection process will improve the team’ s performance, and the competitiveness of the football league as teams will have the best players. This project will enable Gold Coast Football team to cut costs and prevent losses by alleviating investment in players who are not good enough. ‘ ProRecruit’ will enable the team to sign up only players who are good enough to become successful professionals.

By using scientific data about potential players, the team will avoid contract costs of signing mediocre players who cannot perform to the expected standards.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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