Essays on Coast Fields Highway Project Case Study

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The paper "Coast Fields Highway Project" is a great example of a management case study.   The project I chose to research on is Coast fields project. Coast fields high project is a project for constructing a highway that connects between Allanson and Collie. The project was to increase the road width to ensure the lane is 3.5 meters in width to all directions and also improve the curves of the road. I chose this project because it is among the successfully completed projects in Australia in recent years. This report analyses the coast fields projects into depth.

The stakeholders of the project were the government, the community, the project team and the project managers. I also discussed how the project was started and ended considering the factors that contributed to the success of the project. The tools and strategies that led to the successful implementation of the project discussed include careful planning, risk assessment, smart team and effective allocation of resources. Finally, have given the moral lesson have learnt from this research about coast fields road project. Introduction The purpose of this report is to discuss the strategies of managing the project of coast fields.

It takes into account variables like stakeholder analysis, discussion on how the project is being managed and critical analysis of the outcome of the project (Stephen 2009). It applies modern technology and expertise to accomplish the task. The main objectives of the project include boosting the economy of Australia. Besides the gas being used by the Australian people, it will also be sold to other countries and this will earn foreign exchange for the country. The businesses in Australia like the construction companies will benefit because they will award tenders and contracting opportunities.

This will create employment opportunities for the people who will, in turn, pay revenue to the government. The scope of the coast fields project is shown in appendix A1 below. Other objectives are Improve the efficiency and ease of traffic Improve safety and reduce traffic congestion within the regional road network; Provide better access for residents and road users in the cities of the coast region Improve easy access to the medical facilities on the coast by the residents Provide improved access to the Fremantle Inner Harbor Help to reduce the number of accidents caused by the small width of the high of the highway Need to increase sections of narrow lane width, unsealed shoulders and poor geometry Need to provide opportunities for road users to easily overtake slow vehicles Project stakeholder analysis Coast fields project has the following stakeholders, the project manager, the government, customers, the suppliers and the community (Bulcki 2007).

Identification of stakeholders is important because it helps to determine the success of the project. The stakeholders of the project change with the project life cycle.

For instance, the government of Australia as a stakeholder encourages the project by providing financial aid to complete the project of coast fields. Also, the community is a stakeholder in the project (Bulcki 2007). The community can influence the project either positively or negatively. Because the community is likely to benefit from the projects, they may offer some intangible or non-intangible support to complete the project. On the other, the community may view the project like that can interfere with the environment hence oppose the project.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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