Essays on Managing a Sky Plaza Leeds Project Case Study

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The paper "Managing a Sky Plaza Leeds Project " is an outstanding example of a management case study.   Sky Plaza is among the most important buildings in Australia which provide accommodation to students. The project was started in the year 2004 and was completed in the year 2005. The total cost of the project was £ 80m and about 80% of this cost was provided by the government. The stakeholders of the Sky Plaza project include the Shepherd Construction Company, Carey Jones architects, the government, the suppliers, the project managers, the employees and the customers.

Issues which affected the project include the environmental concerns and ineffective analysis of customers’ needs. However, the project was a success because of the strategies which were applied which include risk assessment, corporate governance, quality management and strategic planning. Introduction Sky Plaza Leeds is a project which was completed in the year 2005. The project had taken almost two years to complete as it started in the year 2004 in Australia. This project was initiated as a result of the act of parliament to build a storey building to help students in offering accommodation.

The architecture of the project was Carey Jones architects and the contractor was Shepherd Construction Company (Sky Plaza, Leed, 2013). The project was passed by the act of parliament with the aim of improving accommodation services to students. The project was to build a 20 storey building and the project cost £ 80m. The storey building could provide studio rooms and spacious flats to meet the different needs of tenants. The building could accommodate at least 500 students. The project was started because there was an increasing need for accommodation services and the students could be accommodated by the already existing buildings therefore the main purpose was to solve the accommodation menace.

The objectives of the project were to offer accommodation to students and provide various features in the rooms to meet the students’ demands. Project’ s Stakeholder Analysis The stakeholders of Sky Plaza Leeds include the government of Australia, the constructor who is Shepherd Construction Company, the customers and the Architecture who is Carey Jones. All these parties took part in the construction of the project because they all influenced the construction of the 20 storey building in various ways. The Government The parliament of Australia was concerned with passing an act to construct the building to meet the accommodation needs of the students (Sky Plaza, Leed, 2013).

The concern of the Australian parliament was to increase the accommodation facilities to the students. The government also provided financial support for the construction of the company. The Architecture: Carey Jones This was the main constructor of the project. The project could not have been started without a clear plan for the construction.

The company designed the structure of the building and presented it to the Shepherd Construction Company to commence the project. Therefore, the architecture contributed to the success of the project. The Contractor: Shepherd Company The construction company also made a great contribution to the management of the Sky Plaza construction project. The company did the real implementation of the structural plan designed by the architecture (Sky Plaza, Leed, 2013). It depends on the competency of the construction company to fully implement the design of the building. The company had qualified engineers who offered their skills to ensure the project is a success.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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