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The paper “ Online Learning Management System” is an actual variant of a case study on management. The project aims at developing an online learning management system (LMS) that will be utilized by a student in online research activities and to develop a learning frame to support undergraduate courses. The project also aims at creating an online system that will incorporate the current provision of a blackboard with the same features and new features which will enable the main users like students and staff to communicate more effectively. Most importantly, the project aims at providing students with 10GB of free cloud storage. The objectives of the projects are to raise £ 110, 000, improve content delivery, collect users survey from each end-user on what they would like to see in the new system, and making sure that the system has the features that enable staff to upload files, to communicate with members of the module or group and staff directly with instant message support.

Another most important objective of the project is to allow the student to access their work wherever they are and preventing them from losing their course work. The strategies for ensuring the success of the project include auctioning old test books from the library and charity fundraising dinner, regular update of the system for student-staff interaction, and the creative part of the system that enables students and staff to have instant messaging, create module page for students to share work.

Other strategies are the development of an easy to use tool to allow users to upload, modify files, communicate with instant message features, group chat features, email features on the new system, and most importantly to provide the student with a unique and Secured ID to log in.   List of RequirementsThe lists of requirements include functional, technical, and cost requirements.

The functional requirements include the uploading of the various course materials and the availability of reminders for administrators in addition to student progress tracking. On the other hand, the technical requirements are: the system should be online and allow student-staff interaction. It should also have the upgrade capability and thus permit scaling up to meet the different needs of the School. Additionally, the system should be user-friendly and accommodate many users that include students, lecturers, administrators, librarians, learning technologists, and computer technicians.

In reference to the user-friendliness of the system, the system will mimic the current systems to allow users to have an easy time using it. It will also allow student-student interaction and allow communication between lecturers and students. Also, the system should meet the regulations regarding accessibility and security in addition to having server backup data. Regarding cost, the system should be cost-effective (in terms of user licenses) and should be compatible with other affordable database management systems (DBMS). SWOT AnalysisThe strengths of the project include it will be easy to use, make learning more flexible for different types of learners.

The management of the course will also be easy. Besides, some of the personnel for project administration are already available. The lack of quality material for learning may be the major weakness of the project in addition to the difficulties that users with disabilities may face. On the other hand, the system provides the opportunity for the creation of a learner-centered environment.

The learning environment will also be incorporated with networking features. Another opportunity of the system is the creation of an all-rounded system that incorporates different systems features all into one central system.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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