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The paper "Retirement Banquet Party for Vince Lee" is a perfect example of a management case study.   Vince Lee has been working with the Simco Company for the last twenty-five years as a salesperson. He has been a responsible man and has contributed a lot to the growth of our company. As he is retiring in the next two months, the company wants to share this moment with him as we celebrate his contributions with a banquet party.   PROJECT CHARTER   Sponsor: Don Bosco (Company Director), and Vince Lee   Project Title: Retirement Banquet Party For Vince Lee             Project objective: The purpose of the party is to celebrate Vince’ s contributions to the company and wish him well in his retirement. Project scope: In scope: Vince’ s family, all employees of the company and Vince’ s key customers. Out of scope: Employees’ family, all other customers.   Key Deliverables: Planning and supervision Dinner Menu Venue and equipment Guests Service providers Speakers Entertainment /DJ Project budget Project schedule Project risks Project communication plan Invitation cards Key Requirements Organize communications Organize the timing for the event Organize set-up of necessary activities Organize entertainment Organize for cleaning Planning for finances Identify the venue and payment for utilities Coordinate menu and food preparation Conduct risk evaluation Facilitate the event Exclusions Paying for transportation of the attendees Arranging for transportation for attendees. Paying for strong drinks over the budgeted allocation per attendee. Key stakeholders: Vince Lee’ s family, Lee’ s peers, Company Management (Vince Lee’ s Boss), Lee’ s key customers   BENEFIT KPIs     Increase brand awareness Brand or display advertising in the party     Creating a sense of togetherness in the team Employees engagement level     The party will enhance the employees’ tenure in the company Average employee tenure.     Strategic Alignment It has been noted that once a key salesperson retires or leaves the company, we lose some of our repeat customers.

Thus we shall use this party to introduce our new salesperson to Lee’ s close customers and by doing so we might be able to retain them.

The project will bring together employees and customers, especially those who have a closer tie with Vince Lee so that they can be retained. The successful end of this project will also to enhance the team spirit among the employees. The successful completion of this project will improve the brand awareness to the invited guests   Approximate Cost The budget for the event is approximated to be $ 3,500 broken down into four major parts: Food and drinks: $ 1,300 Venue and decorations: $500 Wages for service providers (florist, caterers, ad DJ): $ 700 Gifts, invitation cards and Miscellaneous: $ 1,000   Approximate Timeframe The first week of May 2015 will be used to conduct meetings with employees and form various steering committees/project teams to carry out various tasks.

The second and third week will be used on collection contributions and preparing a budget for the event. The last week of May and the first week of June will be used to source for service providers, the printing of invitation cards, and preparing a program for the event. The cards will be sent to all employees, Lee’ s key clients and other guests during this period. The second week of June will be used to look for, DJ, inspirational speakers and a venue.

Teams will also give a report on progress. The third week will be used to confirm attendance and availability of service providers.     The paper "Retirement Banquet Party for Vince Lee" is a perfect example of a management case study.   APPROVAL Yes/ No Authority: ______________________________ Date: ____________ Sponsor REQUIREMENTS TRACEABILITY MATRIX Product Requirement Deliverable component Organize communications, Organize the timing for the event, Organize set-up of necessary activities Guests, speakers, service providers, entertainment team Coordinate menu and food preparation Dinner, menu Organize entertainment, Organize for cleaning, Planning for finances Planning and supervision, entertainment team, service providers Identify the venue and payment for utilities, Coordinate menu and food preparation, Conduct risk evaluation, Facilitate the event Planning and supervision, dinner, service providers, venue and equipment, guests and speakers. PROJECT   WBS # WBS – ELEMENT Planning and supervision Planning, budget, disbursements/ reconciliations, coordination Steering committee Formation and sharing of duties, Meeting schedule Reporting procedure. Dinner Shopping list, Shopping, Cooking Serving. Venue and equipment 4.1 Venue/ room, 4.2 Tables and chairs, 4.3 setting and utensils, 4.4 decorations, 4.5 types of equipment, 4.6 pots. Guests Guestlist, RSVPs, Name tags, Special needs. Service providers Shoppers, cooks, servers, hosts, Cleanup. Speakers Invitation, Transportation, Coordination of topics, backup for no-shows, Thank you comments. Menu Main dish, drinks, deserts, refreshments Project budget Contributions, budget plans, Project schedule 10.1 Program showing the events of the day and time frame. Project risks How to manage time. Risks contingency plan Project communication plan Communication with guests, speakers and project team Invitation cards Printing of cards, Payment, Collection and sending of cards. Entertainment Sourcing for entertainer/DJ, payment for the service, Closure Ensuring all hired and borrowed items are returned, Collecting deposits.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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