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The paper 'Marketing Project for Qantas Airlines" is a good example of a marketing case study. Qantas was established in 1920 but was only operating in Queensland and Northern territory. From the beginning, it was only operating with biplanes which used to carry one or two passengers in open cockpit and has progressed to airbus A380s carrying 450 passengers around the world. The name Qantas originated from the original routes it used to operate when it was established namely Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd (Qantas). Currently, this airline is regarded as one of the worlds leading long-distance airline and a strong brand in Australia entirely (Qantas, 2008). Qantas is covered by the Equal Opportunity for women in the workplace Act 1999 and so as to be declared compliant to the Act one need to: Develop an equal opportunity for women in the workplace programs. Report annually to Equal Opportunity for women in the workplace Agency how the program is faring in the organization before 31st May every year. Currently, this Airline has a woman on the Executive Committee reporting directly to the CEO.

As at March 31st 2010, the Qantas group had 31,722 employees and this comprised of those who were working full time, part-time and casuals not counting approximately 1, 770 employees from Jet-star which is also a Qantas airline limited brand. From the financial reports for the year ended 30th June 2011, Qantas Airways Limited had recorded 8% increase in total revenue and there the financial performance of the company is commendable but with the implementation of precise strategies, this can improve even further for there are potentials (Thomas, 1997). The underlying profit before tax was $552 million up 46%, revenue was $14.9 billion, up 8% and this as mentioned earlier are records of the year ending 30th June 2011.

This airline is based in Australia but has offices and branches all over the world and well-executed online solutions for easy access to their information or location. However, the head office is situated at Building A, 203 Coward Street Mascot NSW 2020 Australia. The company recognizes that the airline industry is a service industry. This being the case, service is provided by people hence the differentiation in the airline industry is the way customers are treated by the employees.

In Qantas airlines, the stewardess is dressed by Peter Morrisssey and Australian designer. Comprising of color palette which creates a fresh and contemporary look that is a reflection of the premium style associated with Qantas. Australian wool suit in black for flight attendants and charcoal for ground staff and is combined with the Wirriyarra design in three colors namely: dusk, Ochre and Opal and finally a dusk print dress designed for female flight attendants. Objectives Qantas operates under a vision to create the world best premium and low fares airlines in Qantas and jet star as well as being the best airways service providers throughout the world (Lloyd 2001).

It strongly believes that these can be achieved by working together with a shared commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity and all this has to go hand in hand with compliance to relevant laws and regulations (Rae, 2001). To achieve this there is a need to implement some marketing objectives that will be a boost to maximizing the potential that Qantas has to the competitive advantage.


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