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The paper "Information Systems Project Management" Is a wonderful example of a Management Assignment. The use of Electronic Health Record (EHR) is increasing with the advancement of technology in many health centers. EHRs are used in the identification of patients for prospective investigations and in the collection of outcomes of data, improving the efficiency of the investigations. EHRs give reliable medical information of the patient from the health centers. The project of this report is the installation of HER systems in a healthcare center. Project management is used in initiating, planning, executing, and controlling the project in order to attain a goal and also fulfill specific success criteria.

The major challenge accompanying project management, in this case, is to attain the project goals within the given constraints. Section 1: Project Definition Defining the Project Scope The Scope Statement is vital since it will analyze what is to be done and the period required in accomplishing it. The management and the technical department ought to agree on the scope statement before the actual installation process of the EHRs’ system. This section will go as follows; starting the project scope, explaining the project priorities in regards to time, costs, and also the quality of performance.

Finally, there will be the development of a work breakdown structure that will be accompanied by cost estimation for implementing the project. Scope Statement Establishing Project Priorities: The establishment of project priority requires management of the time consumed the expenditure of the project and quality of performance. The project priorities that are time cost and performance will be based on various factors explained below: Constrained factor This factor will mean that the system will be the most stable requirement.

Ensuring timely and quality performance would be crucial in installing the EHR system in the healthcare center. Enhanced factor This will involve setting up parameters to provide project’ s resources are maximized fully to facilitate the completion of the project. Time will be regulated by considering the projects quality performance and the stipulated budget. Acceptance Factor There is a possibility of the budget expenditure of the project varying due to the variation in the scheduling of the diverse activities involved in installing the system in the healthcare center. The following is the priority matrix of this project: Project Priorities   Performance Time Cost Constrain       Enhance       Accept       My decision to accompany this priority matrix is because this matrix will ensure effective and efficient installation of the EHR system without compromising the quality of performance of the project.

This matrix considers the time for installing which is regulated on consideration of performance and also budget cost. Additionally, this matrix will consider the variation of expenditure with installing the new system. It ensures prioritization of all the parameters necessary to install the EHR system. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): WBS is a deliverable-oriented grouping of project elements that helps in organizing and defining the total work scope of the project.

There will be a description of the work activities in this WBS. The WBS elements and other work package identifiers will be identified. The costs of the WBS activities of this project are projected on consideration of the available resources and also the period necessary for completion of the project.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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