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A PROJECT TO IMPROVE MULTI-AGENCY RESPOSE TO ROAD TRAFFIC COLLISION THROUGH JOINT TRAINING AND EXERCISESAIMThe main aim of this project is to develop a well coordinated programme which will be used to foster multi-agency response to road traffic collision. Road traffic collisions can be effectively managed through improvements of multi agency response systems (Nokes, 2007). The project aims at conducting training exercises which will enhance multi agency response to road traffic collision. The project also aims at improving safety response which will in turn help in reducing cases of death due to poor or slow response. OBJECTIVESIn order to attain the final actions for the project plan and to achieve the objectives set within the programme, there is a need to have a set of objectives to guide those involved in the devolvement plan (Dinsmore, 2005).

The objectives act as guidelines to the project officers and they control the actions and operations of the officers in the course of their work. Every project must have set objectives which are very critical especially when sourcing for funds for running a project.

The objectives of this project are diverse and inclusive which makes the project more viable. These objectives are: To promote safety and efficiency in the movement of people and motor vehicles. To ensure that newly trained experts get jobs in their right professionTo enhance good coordination of traffic groups so as to improve multi agency responseTo bring new ideas into this field of studyTo reduce the number of traffic injuries, deaths and property damage from traffic collisions due to carelessness in driving. These traffic collisions can be prevented and incase of collision proper investigation should be carried examining all factors, operator status, vehicle condition, and supervise control measures involved (Phillips, 2003). To link training institutions and safety departments to ensure that the aims of individual programmes contribute to the strategic aims of the traffic-strategy by the end march 2011To introduce adequate skills and techniques to all staff in the project and the community at large.

People trained from this project will take the knowledge and skills to the community which will help in making the society more informed and skilled. To ensure adequate training to individuals and police on issues related to road safety and response to traffic collisionTo lay down a concrete procedure to be used in the multi agency response programmes. BENEFITSReduce double accidentsThe project is expected to reduce double road accidents.

When there is a minor accident on the road, a quick response may reduce occurrence of another accident. Some double accidents occur as a result of poor and slow responses. Reduce Traffic jamsThe project will reduce traffic jams because of quick action by the involved officers and this will ensure smooth flow of traffic. Enhance service deliveryReduced traffic jams will make transportation of goods and services easy and efficient. Improve communicationEasy movement will enhance communication in the case study society. Reduce cases of accident related deathsReduction in road accidents will lead to a decrease in deaths related to road accidents.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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