Essays on Project Jurylique Company (Australian Company) Assignment

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Corporate Identity Evaluation1. Introduction. Businesses become more complex by the day hence better methods to achieve profitability need to be effected continually. Public relations department have their hands full with new concepts that are emerging in the market place that they must quickly asses and adopt if their corporate entities are to move ahead. Corporate identity speaks of a unique approach to product or service delivery by that particulate corporate entity. Statements and logos are some of the earliest forms of corporate identity. For a corporate entity to gain competitive advantage therefore there is need for a strategic view of communicating corporate identity.

Our study is based on a typical organization called Jurlique Company of Australia. This company is a natural skin care and beauty products manufacturer. It boasts of natural formula extracts from farms in southern Australia. 2.0 Corporate Communication Activities and ToolsCorporate communication or public relations as sometimes called has become the avenue of focus for today’s corporate world. Corporate communication should be balanced and able to cater for the internal and external requirements of the organization. Internally the employee should receive communication that will generate positive attitudes towards the company more or less an internal image, while externally corporate communication should build a corporate image that the public can identify with. The news media will play a very vital part in achieving this.

While the public demand on the company may become more, the role of corporate communication will effectively address these pressures thereby sustaining the company. The internet is one of the tools that is now being explored to provide a channel for effective corporate communication. 2.1 Theory – Corporate Communication. Communication and PR (public relations) always relies on a number of theories. The broad categories of these theories vary from the traditional, to contemporary to relations to mass communication.

In understanding that communication complexity leads to more audience centred theories, we can choose to mention one general theory that runs supportively of corporate communication, the coordinated management of meaning. For successful public relations we realize that a company will construct their own ideas about appropriate action and social realities while trying to coordinate their beliefs with those of others. This is exactly what Jurlique has done.

Their slogan speaking much of this where nature, science and innovation are at interplay (Godman, 2003). 2.2 Current Activities and Tools Australia is a strong advocate of eco friendly initiatives world wide. Jurlique as a company from this part of the world already echoes this fact by the strong nature based products powered website. Looking at the home page we quickly understand two aspects about Jurlique, the products they manufacture and the part of the world from which they operate. A balanced product sale and identity style is struck when we asses this website though Jurlique strikes a more product sales style when we asses their major product promotion campaign.

Much of the information posted is all about the four nature based skin care products and a strong statement of where the raw materials for these products are found. In this we see product sales style.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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