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PROJECT ANALYSIS VALUEExecutive summary Project management defines the capabilities of a person thereby highlighting the especial management qualities as risk taking and leadership that need to be used in project management. Innovation in project management and developmental processes makes the skills to be used by the beholder in an effective manner. The ideology that makes the project managers behave as they do is that they visualize themselves as the risk takers and the leaders with creativity. These skills as they see make them deliver the project in the best manner with focus on decisions and project completion.

Being a common activity in any organization, projects are of one too many kinds ranging from construction, relocation of workplace, launch of new merchandise, a new service for the customers or launch of new commodities’ promotional packages. The definition of project management is the application of discipline, rationale, leadership talents and problem solution. Without any completion date, commitment, management and involvement of stakeholders the project cannot succeed to completion. The value of the project is counted by the deliverables associated with the project. Life cycle of the project leads to successful understanding of the incomes and outcomes of a project thus creating possibilities for completion of project.

All information related to a project must be in place or the chances of completion of the project are lowered. All the above factors contribute to a project being successful otherwise it is seen that even the best managers fail to successfully complete the project. Project: The Port Adelaide Flower FarmProject introductionThe project dates back to the year of 1988 when the local government minister asked the Corporation of the city of Adelaide to develop a scheme so as a farm could be developed on LeFevre Peninsula and the purpose had been to develop the native plants of Australian region.

As this project was a government sponsored project so it took a year to establish a controlling authority for the project (Kerzner 20). Flower farm was supposed to be a new project as well as it was thought to be a new industry that could prove to be better in years to come. It was thought that the flower farm would be the place where Australian native plants could be cultured and sold out to international traders (South Australia Auditor-General's Dept 12).

The local city government’s council had been taken the responsibility to manage the project. The supervisory board had been established by the council and it was the responsibility of the board to submit the financial statement related to the project to the board. However the project failed after some years and the reasons of the failure shall be discussed hereby. Stakeholder analysisStakeholders for this project included the supervising board and the council that had been established to conduct the farm project.

The layout for the project was issued for the stakeholders including the plan layout and the financial calculations showing that the project would be highly profitable. Regular reporting to the council members had to be made sure so that the achievements, if any, gained in the project could be evaluated (Meredith 50).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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