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Project managementIntroductionDeveloping an effective project plan is easier said than done. According to Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBK), project plans can either be in form of a summary or they can be comprehensive (P. M.I. 2008). Murray (2009) defines project plans as formal and official documents that helps in guiding the processes of executing a project and managing the project. Project plans are useful in outlining planning decisions and assumptions and in aiding in communication among relevant stakeholders. In addition, they are useful in recording the permitted components of the project such as the scope, budget, baseline, risks, schedule and resources among others as indicated by TSO (2009).

This report seeks to develop a sustainable project plan of an ecologically friendly, ten units of zero-carbon one bedroom housing project to align to present global demands for environmental sustainability to safeguard and avert against present and future effects of global warming. The Project PlanThe project plan defines the following variablesThe purpose of the projectThe aims and objectives of the projectThe scope and expectationsTasks and responsibilitiesAssumptions of the Project Constraints or risks to the project Management ApproachBudgetThe timeline of the projectThe purpose of the ProjectOwing to the rising pressure to conserve the environment and to ensure energy efficiency, modern buildings especially commercial ones are hard pressed to comply with ecological standards.

This project seeks to establish ten units of one-bedroom residential housing project that is zero-carbon to demonstrate that it is possible for everyone to live and function in an eco-friendly space both at work and at home. The aims and objectives of the projectThe main aims and objectives of the project is to develop residential housing thatPromotes efficiency in terms of energy where renewable energy is usedEnhances water efficiency to avoid water wastage Allows efficient refuse disposal and dischargePromotes healthy living for occupants and ensures the comfort, privacy and luxury of the occupants is not compromisedEnsures all the practical housing needs of the occupants are metUses building materials and construction components that reduces embodied energy and promotes recycling and reuseIn addition, the project seeks to Guarantee potential end users are engaged in the design processEnsure the goals and objectives of the project that are set, are met within the prescribed budget Ensure the set project aims and objectives are accomplished within the set project timelineThe scope and expectationsThe project will develop a zero-carbon one-bedroom residential houses that have a zero carbon housing concept which meets the present and future challenges of housing related to ecological conservation but still ensures aestheticism, flexibility and comfortability required in modern living.

In addition, the project will develop residential houses that use minimal resources where all resources including building components are energy efficient and promote environmental sustainability.

The project expects that the zero-carbon houses will provide an ideal living environment for the occupants where their needs in terms of energy, ventilation, thermal needs, waste disposal, efficiency in service provision and more importantly safety are not compromised and in fact are effectively and efficiently accomplished.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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