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The Rolls Royce information system project planIntroduction The Rolls Royce information system project plan shall provide a definition of the project the projects, goals and the objectives. In addition the plan shall act as an agreement between the project sponsor, the project manager, the team, project committee and any other party affected by the project (Maylor, 2009). The project plan defines the following as regards the project: The purpose of the projectThe intended goals and objectives. The project scope and limitation Roles and responsibilitiesThe project management approach. Budget and project timeline The project methodology adopted for the project plan is the Projects IN Controlled Environments2 - PRINCE2 methodology.

Which is a structured method accepted as a project management standard for public projects. It entails the management control and organization of project (Knutson & Bitz, 1991). Background informationMost organisations and business enterprises have had the urge to internationalise their operations. In the past the business world was competing based on some performance objectives such as price and the quality of product and services. However in the current market the organisations have more to compete on. Most clients are not only concerned with quality and price but also with effectiveness with respect to response, customer service, and flexibility.

Most companies have therefore decentralized their operations by outsourcing most of their activities in the process achieving a well co-ordinated supply chain. The impact of emergence of technologies such as World Wide Web, internet and electronic data interchange is great and has enhanced most business and enterprise activities. The advancement in technology in the world has enhanced the provision of services and products in the business world.

There has been development of information systems which include Manufacturing resource planning (MRP) that aide in the process of product manufacturing and enterprise resource planning (ERP) (Shields, 2001). PRINCE2 methodology encompasses seven processes which shall form part of the rollout plan for the company; PROJECT STARTUP. This stage involves the appointment of the project manger and the project team is constituted, the overall project objectives and the business justification of the project are defined. The project approach is also determined and outlined and a project brief is developed (Lewis, 2001). Business goals and objectivesThe business goals and objectives for the project will mainly focus on the implementation of the information systems in the organization which shall (Maylor, 2009); Enhances product manufacturing, processing, marketing and delivery. Ensure customer satisfaction through effective response and flexibility. Provide an easy to use system for both the customers and the company staff and personnelFacilitate the coordination and information sharing both internal and external to the organizationEnhances staff ability and effectiveness in the performance of their jobs. Project goals and objectives: Attain the project business goals and the objectives within the specified budget and time limit. Create a favorable and realistic agreement with all the respective departments and; Minimize the impact of the project to the standard business operations within the affected units. Scope and boundaryThe project is aimed to introduce information system into the company; the project will cover several aspects of information systems which include the following;

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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