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Lecturer6th May, 2012.Introduction Organizational projects are projects which are intended to attain or achieve the organization’s strategies and hence very important to the organization and should be wholly connected to the host organization which they are designed to help attain strategies. This also ascertains the saying by Pinto (p. 53) that ‘the organization itself matters’ and hence the environment for instance culture of the organization, structure and the strategy of the organization are important factors to consider while discussing the reasons as to why project managers should ensure that their projects are connected to the host organization in addition to discussing the challenges that they may face while connecting the projects to the host organizations.

Culture To begin with, organizational culture generally refers to the culture that people in the organization conform to, that defines the personalities of employees in the organization and collaboratively represents the character of a certain organization in other words, the way things are done in a particular organization (Cleland & Ireland 2007, pp. 45). Therefore, organization culture is observable and a very powerful force to reckon with in the organization for an organization’s culture is crucial in determining whether an organization achieves the strategies being sought to be achieved through projects in the organization.

Organizational culture affects organizational projects in that, culture affects the way departments in the organization are supposed to interact and show support towards each other pursuant of the goals of the project. The organization’s culture of how departments in the organization relates to each other dictates the way the departments in the organization are to join hands and support a certain project in the organization in light of achieving the strategies the project is supposed to achieve for the organization.

Where there is a culture of employees working together regardless of the departments they are in, in attaining the set goals and strategies of the organization, it is definite that such an organizational culture will aid project managers in achieving the desired goals that their projects are supposed to attain and hence link their projects to the host organization for the support that the projects needs from the employees. It also gives the project managers the confidence in drafting the objectives and the strategies that projects should accomplish for there is the culture of teamwork in the organization but the vice versa is also true.

Hence in linking the projects to the host organization, there are no surprises that are to be experienced as to the outcomes of the projects in light of organizational culture (Bligh 2006, pp. 397). Culture also influences the way employees commit to achieving the goals desired in a specific project. Organizational culture comes into play in dictating how employees are to work towards achieving the goals of the project.

An organizational culture of employee’s commitment to the attainment of the objective of goals and aims of the organization will be no different when it comes to showing the same level of commitment towards the projects in the organization.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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