Essays on The Development of Interactive Online Tender System Case Study

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The paper 'The Development of Interactive Online Tender System " is a good example of a management case study. Project management has been described as is the systematic incorporation of the voice of the customer by creating a disciplined way of effort prioritization as well as resolving trade-offs. It involves working concurrently on all aspects of the project in multi-functional teams above many other things. Project management is not just about completing a project in phases (Thomsett, 2002). Consequently, modern day’ s project management is complex and still evolving as it reacts to changes in the environment.

Project management enables the accomplishment of a task in the shortest time possible (Maylor, 2003). It is essential to have a pre-planning phase that will see some of the very first misunderstandings being explained. This will make up the gate process for project management. The project is aimed at making the tendering process to be quick and effective. It should enable the treasury to secure the required goods in the shortest time possible for the accomplishment of its objectives. Background and summary of the project The project describes the development of an interactive Online Tender System for companies that will be dealing with the Ministry of Environmental and Water in the United Arab Emirates.

The online tender system will reflect the targets and goals of the ministry. The project is geared towards enhancing speed decision-making. The online tender system will reduce the time consumed and enhance easier payment as compared to the current manual tendering system. The features of the online tender system will include system actors like operation control, purchase control, committee control, administration control, companies, suppliers, service providers, and vendors.

The function of the system will consist of system user registration and company registration. The profile of the company in the domain of the ministry system will include company profile, project type, and system user profile, tender, contract, and the service legal agreement. Other parts of the system will include project details, dynamic items, attachment and submission, alerts, system views, document process, system smart reports, archive, and an online website.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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