Essays on Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling Report

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The paper "Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling" is a great example of a report on management. Effective project management and planning is the key to success for every project. Effective project management offers efficient management and control over project tasks and resources. In addition, with the proper planning and project activity management, we can make the overall project a success. In this scenario, we need to better take care of project activities that are required to be effectively planned and managed for successful project accomplishment (Kerzner, 2006; Meredith & Mantel, 2006).

This report presents a detailed overview of the way the project was planned and performed. In this report, I will analyze some of the important aspects of the project management theories and practices that are applied for ensuring effective management of project aspects. In this case, I will analyze some of the important aspects of the Fletcher Tax Accountants business’ s new project of cloud computing business management systems application. This system was about the overall digitization of customary business practices. Business Overview Fletcher Tax Accountants business is an Australian company.

Fletcher Tax Accountants business has very capable and competent personnel who are very much effective to facilitate our business regarding our taxation requirements. Fletcher Tax Accountants specializes in tax planning and compliance for small businesses, sole traders, and property investors. Fletcher Tax Accountants endeavor to offer a holistic method towards our company and investment corporate; from a financial, tax as well as management viewpoint (Fletcher Tax Accountant, 2012). Objectives and Scope of the Project The new technology based arrangement of the cloud accounting is actually a mash-up of 2 main schemes and has been attaining extremely high attention and interest in the past few years.

Fletcher Tax Accountants Business was aimed at transforming the new web-based systems and tools to manage their business accounting requirements. In case of especially accounting software that is some computer application that facilitates Fletcher Tax Accountants with several structures of accounting processes (Walsh, 2010). It can be as straightforward as a small sales ledger application to all the ways to a business level complete accounting package. Consequently, cloud computing-based accounting application at Fletcher Tax Accountants Business was aimed to fundamentally change the business system and take accounts completely online without requiring for offline data and information storage and software.

As a result, there is no resident install on a business's own computer and we are able to access business data, information, and accounts from anywhere with an Internet connection (Walsh, 2010). In addition, it still means accessing our business accounting data with our smartphones like Blackberry or iPhone. Such huge facilities and applications of cloud computing have offered more enhanced support to accounting business as Fletcher Tax Accountants Business (Walsh, 2010). Stakeholder Analysis Fletcher Tax Accountants Business is going to implement a new technology-based business management services.

This project encompasses a number of stakeholders. I have presented below an analysis of the major stakeholders of this project: One of the major stakeholders of this project is Corporate Management. Management wants to improve overall business performance and credibility. In this scenario, management wants to improve business data and information security and privacy. Another main objective of this new technology-based project is to offer better support for remote access to corporate data.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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