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Project management –Fire and Rescue OperationTask (1)“A project manager cannot take ownership of a project without believing in it. If the project manager cannot buy into the project, then there is little or no chance that he or she can influence other project participants to buy in”Justification for project planningThe ultimate purpose of planning is to build a model that enables the prediction of the activities and resources that are critical to the timely completion of a project. A project can only be delivered on time, and within the stipulated budget if strategies are implemented to ensure that activities and resources are managed properly.

According to Paul E. Harris (2010) Project planning is aimed at Identifying the total scope of the project and plan to deliver it, Evaluating different project delivery methodsIdentifying the deliverables required to deliver a project under a logical breakdown of the project, Identifying and optimizing the use of resources and evaluating if the targeted dates may be met, Identify risks involved, plan on how to optimize them and set priorities, Provide a baseline plan against which progress in measuredAssist in stakeholders' communication, identifying what is to be done, when and by whom, Assisting management to think ahead and make informed decisionsThe project manager is mandated with the overall duty of overseeing successful completion of a project.

According to Harold Kerzner (2009), the project manager ensures individual integrity and professionalism. He/she is expected to act in a professional manner at all times which includes adhering to all legal requirements, maintaining moral and ethical standards (Pg 342). The project manager is also expected to contribute to the project management knowledge base by sharing project management knowledge on such topics as best practices, lessons learned and continuous improvement efforts (Harold Kerzner 2009, Pg.

342). They are also expected to enhance their own individual competencies in the same manner as they contribute to the profession. Project managers acts as integrators; ensuring that all the project activities, strategies and approaches are an integrated effort, as communicators; communicating with all stakeholders and building the right support and relationships and as leaders; motivating and inspiring team to deliver the project work through the provision of vision and direction (PM4DEV 2008, Pg 76). Before a project kicks off, the project manager must verify and authorize it.

This must be supported by other documents such as feasibility studies, SWOT analysis, and situation reports as well as other authorization documents like minutes of the previous discussion meeting among others (Enzo Frigenti, Dennis C 2002 Pg. 140). This provides the project manager with relevant knowledge and a clear understanding of the tasks ahead and how the project will be executed (P Harris 2009, 2-1). According to John Adair's simple Action-Centered Leadership theory, good managers and leaders should have full command of the team, individual, the task involved and should be able to use each of the elements according to the situation.

Being able to do all of these things, and keep the right balance, gets results, builds morale, improves quality, develops teams and productivity.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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