Essays on Project Management and Leadership Styles Coursework

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The paper "Project Management and Leadership Styles" is a great example of management coursework.   Attitude always determines altitude, and hence a manager has to maintain a positive attitude towards a given project for one to influence the participants of the project to believe in its viability and importance to the organization, government, or the public. Being positive in what one is doing is a key aspect that acts as a motivator to achieve. This also applies in the case of project management. How or what you think about the project will determine the success of the project.

This has been seen where, in most cases, one can only succeed in doing something that one loves. As a result, people who hate their jobs always possess a negative attitude towards the job and hence low performance that is caused by absenteeism and job dissatisfaction. They are not motivated to perform, and hence their productivity is low. In many cases, a project’ s success is determined by the influence of the leader on the project. A project manager who is slow and insecure is likely to trickle that aspect to the participants hence creating obstacles for the failure of the project.

Project planning is a key element or rather determinant of the success of the project. A mistake made by many project managers is getting to do the work itself after foregoing project planning. Some of them do not understand that the success of a project is, in the first place, determined by the structure and planned activities of the project(Haughey, 2013). Project planning is a key element of a successful project. In addition, a manager must believe in the worthiness of the project.

He must see the need for conducting the project. In other words, he should be able to see the value of the project for him or her to convince his subordinates that there is a need to carry the project effectively and efficiently. The key benefits of project planning are time-saving, reduction of flaws, and efficient utilization of resources including money (Haughey, 2013). Therefore, the concern of the researcher in this research is to portray and validate his approach in project planning with regard to his or her belief in project management. It is important as a project manager is to state down the objectives and goals of the project at hand.

With respect to this, the needs of the stakeholders must be fulfilled. For instance, a stakeholder in a vehicle manufacturing factory should be motivated to ensure that there is minimum waste. That is why there is a need for production planning and control. A project designed to produce cars should ensure that all the resources are utilized properly in order to minimize waste.

This is where the project manager should be concerned about the issues of lean management and production planning.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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