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The paper "The Project Management " is a perfect example of management coursework.   Indigenous agricultural, food and community health revitalization project refers to one of the projects which were initiated at the New Mexico with the key aims of educating the indigenous people of this country on the importance of practising sound agricultural activities in an ecologically stable and sustainable environment. The project aimed also at educating these people on the importance of relying on traditional foods and making informed choices concerning their nutritional needs. The project’ s main focus was to improve on the quality of agricultural foods consumed, advancing the cultural behaviors and different tribal imperatives in order to safeguard their indigenous agricultural activities.

This project was conducted by the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA). Renewing the native’ s focus on the use of traditional agricultural methods of farming to enhance their productivity and health was one of this project’ s objectives. Additionally, it focused on promoting nutritional awareness and wellness among the indigenous natives through the development of a sustainable and multi-disciplinary agricultural project in the community. The project also focused on conducting community-based research which could collect information, document the findings and describe the native crops used among these native people.

The project’ s also aimed at developing a program within these indigenous communities which was environmentally friendly and supported the practising of sustainable agricultural programs (Hallows, 2005). In addition, conducting the evidence-based agricultural project in these indigenous communities which could contribute positively to the ethnobotany department was its objective. The project was aimed at developing and facilitating plans which could enable the establishment departments focusing on plants of medicinal value and native foods in the institution.

This project was to provide special topics which were to be organized on yearly basis in order to revitalize and promote plant and seed preservation, compositing, environmental conservation and the emphasis on the planting of fruit trees in these indigenous communities (Kirkpartrick, 1996). Effective project management was important to ensure that the project realized its goals. The process involved coming up with a list of all the activities that were required to be performed in the project and that of responsible individuals to perform these activities. The status of the progress of the project was updated on a regular basis to ensure that it enables the participants to feel the sense of project ownership.

Additionally, the scope of the project was started in order to define the project and guide its participants throughout the process. The scope provided the approximate length of time required to complete the project with its associated costs (Triantis, 1999). The objectives of the project were constantly compared to the goals of the project to ensure that clarity on the purpose of the project was maintained and to avoid any upcoming disputes between the participants.

The scope creep was effectively managed to facilitate a correct interpretation of the project’ s requirements and fill the gaps identified in the definition of the scope. A project deliverable was established to guide its course of actions. This included coming up with a carefully planned course of action schedule which facilitated the process (Nemeth, 2004).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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