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The paper "Project Management Assessment" is a decent example of a Business assignment. The major reasons why many potentially good and important projects fail to include a lack of understanding, complexity, and poor communication or lack of communication. Lack of understanding can concern nearly any aspect of the project life cycle.   For example, a lack of understanding about what should be done in the projects can lead to disaster in later stages. Another common area of misunderstanding is the nature of the project itself, which is often caused by inadequate analysis. The complexity of a project can be a big problem because of the elements that are involved in the project.

The complexity of a project depends on the number of elements in the project and the nature and number of interactions between different elements. The higher the number of elements involved in a project, the more difficult it is to manage the project. This can in turn lead to failure. About the communication, poor communication or lack of communication may lead to project failure. Lack of effective communication between executive management, project managers, and team members can hinder the smooth running of the project and result in failure. The risk of project failure can be minimized by creating a plan for risk management.

This includes identifying risks, analyzing risks, and creating risk responses. For instance, about the complexity of the project, the team involved in the project has to know the anticipated level of complexity by measuring it. This will help in identifying the various risks associated with different elements of the project and determining how to deal with such risks. Discuss how project managers use different scheduling techniques as mechanisms to sequence and control project activities. Project managers use different scheduling techniques as a way of sequencing and controlling project activities.

The scheduling techniques include the use of Gantt charts, the critical path method (CPM), and the line of balance schedules. Project managers use Gantt charts (that are bar charts that identify the commencement and completion dates for key activities of the project work) in short-term projects to organize how different activities will be completed.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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