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The paper "Music Live Performance Academy" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Children’ s music has been referred to as any particular music that is created with an enjoyment aim of the young. This music is expected to be appropriate in language, music that is able to teach the young on certain skills, life lessons and should be able to allow kids to emphasize independence in their choices. In Australia, the major focus is on music school education. Over time the advantages of this kind of music education have been proven over time through a decade of research.

Research on Music and the brain underscores the significance of children’ s music indicates that music exposure among the infancy and the early childhood days serves the young children in academics especially in languages (Kloppenborg 141). This makes it clear that it is important to introduce children to music earlier in their life. These songs exposures children to messages and music that is teaching or reinforcing certain lessons, encouraging movement, rhythm and self-esteem. Music helps children to progress in other crucial learning sections especially English and maths.

Countries that have sturdy attention to music education hold a higher score in numeracy and literacy. This is because engagement with music programs has indicated to assist with attendance and can help children who are not good performers in school. In Australia there are many music schools for children and among them are Australian music schools. AMS music is a place of fun and an award-wining school especially in theory and piano performances in their development for rounded confident musicians. The schools is proud to have an assortment of well-skilled personnel selected based on their capability to deliver the music courses developed. The best-selling services for AMS revolve around theory and piano performances.

For instance, the offer music lessons for kids aged as low as two years where they focus on aspects such as Musos. This is all about signing known and novel songs. It is done with toys, percussion, and parachutes in order to teach the music appreciation, listening skills, and confidence-building.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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