Essays on Project Management - ORION Systems Case Study

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The paper 'Project Management - ORION Systems " is a good example of a management case study. Project management has been defined as the process through which resources are planned for, organized, secured and managed to allow for successful project completion as well as the achievement of goals, aims and objectives. Projects are undertaken as a way of achieving set goals and objectives required to bring up change that is beneficial or to improve a given situation. The major challenge during the management of projects involves the achievement of every project goal and objective set while at the same time honoring each of the preconceived project constraints.

The main constraints include those of time, cost and scope. A secondary challenge includes the process of optimizing the allocation as well as the integration of the various inputs required for the successful achievement of set objectives. It is important for every project manager to ensure that he or she is able to efficiently manage the basic project elements that include time, money, scope and resources. These four elements work together for and hence need to be managed as one for the project to be successful (Ireland, 2006). In the case studies provided, different issues related to project management can be identified and a number of lessons learnt.

The case study on ORION systems presents a case whereby a project manager is supposed to manage a huge government project that required them to build the next generation of high speed, light rail trains. The case study presents various undertakings through which the project manager responsible will ensure that the project process and outcome is successful.

Such undertaking s include reviewing of the current and previously used systems of project management, identifying the mistakes made in the past projects and problems encountered as well as making necessary changes in the project process as a way of ensuring that the project meets all set objectives and goals. Identified problems included issues with the quality of products produced, production costs that were higher than the intended, problems with client support, poor project ownership and scope creep. The identification of these problems is what the project manager and the other members of staff are using to develop a new plan for the jaguar project. The second case study is related to a soccer club called “ Manchester United Soccer Club” with whom the board of directors has just announced a plan to sponsor a soccer tournament that will help in generating revenue to help in conducting the club’ s planned activities that include increasing the number of available soccer fields and giving scholarship programs.

The study illustrates proceedings of committee meetings held to plan the upcoming tournament. The first meeting is marked with a lot of disagreements between the members causing some of them to leave before the meeting ended.

The meeting is also said to end 30 minutes later than was required yet no concrete decisions were made. The study also brings out suggested ideas through which the project manager will undertake the project efficiently. Suggestions given included the creation of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), a process that would require the identification and listing of major project deliverables.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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