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The paper "Ashleigh Music Festival Project Managemen" is a perfect example of a management case study. Ashleigh Council has set up Ashleigh Music Festival Ltd (AMF Ltd) which will function like a social enterprise intended for the initiating the festival. This project report will present some of the main activities and tasks regarding the planning and handling of activities.   Project Title: Ashleigh Music Festival Date Prepared: 12-10-2012   Project Manager: Smith Project Sponsor/s: Alex       Ashleigh Music Festival Ltd (AMF Ltd) is a social enterprise that arranges music festivals. This corporate has recently initiated a plan to establish a new event of a music festival.

This new activity will offer a great deal of opportunity regarding the effective availability of entertainment facility to the public. In case of effective planning of project one of the initial task is to assess the basic project tasks and activities to better assess and analyze the project tasks and main activities. This project report is also intended to better plan the project through better assessment of project tasks and activities. In this report will assess the main project tasks that need to be completed in order for the festival to be ready to open.   Project Deliverables (What tangible product, service, document, etc.

will be produced by this project? How will it address the purpose shown above? ) In case this project for the Ashleigh Music Festival Ltd (AMF Ltd) business we will deliver following and deliverables to business for which we are arranging pop music concert. Concert Stage Seating facilities Stay facilities for guests Parking facilities Electricity and heating system Refreshment and food facilities Effective security setup Sound and music systems Lighting arrangement Project Management report Project Risk Management report Project Quality Management report Project Cost Management report   What benefits will result?

(Show $ total if possible). This festival will continue for 3-day and will start at an outdoor site (plan enclosed), that will have the capacity of 30,000 people. Here the festival will generate revenue through the selling of tickets. Here project bidders will be paid by 20% of the revenue generated by ticket sales. This project is also having the facility of avail the interest-free loan of up to $300,000 from the bank for equipment hire (the council will cover staff, licensing, health and safety, and site reinstatement costs).

It is expected that the project can generate 15% revenue of total investment. How will they be measured? MS Project   What constraints, boundaries or limitations affect the scope of the project (e. g. time, budget, people)? There is a number of constraints in this project. These constraints are of different types. Here we have the following major constraints: Cost: Project cost can be the biggest constraint in the overall project. In case of delay in the backload overall project can be influenced. People: The pop starts we are going to invite are also at risk.

In case of any critical situation, these people can refuse to come. This can lead to a number of issues and problems regarding the effective execution of the project. Staff Skill: in this project staff skills also have a significant stake in the overall project management. In the case of staff person having a less effective skill, can lead to less attractive stage design, equipment placement and viewers support.   Who are the main stakeholder groups (anyone affected by the project work and outcomes)? Project Sponsors Project Manager Project Management Team Suppliers and vendors Concert Viewers General Employees   List key project objectives (should be SMART, and guide quality and results): In case of a project for Ashleigh Music Festival for arranging a pop music concert we are having the following main aims and objectives: Better project management Better cost management Risk management Quality management Concert Viewer pleasure Music company satisfaction On-time start of the concert Less complex operations handling Better support for Business Better resource deployment and event handling How will they be measured? Project Tasks Analysis Work Breakdown Structure Analysis   List key constraints (other projects that are inter-dependent or conflicting, legislation, deadlines, etc. ): Time Cost Human Resource Technology People Management Attention Sponsor Dedication Weather Natural Condition (Hotness, Rain)   Estimated start date: 17-Dec-12 Estimated end date: 16-Feb-12   Estimated FTE staff required: 30 Estimated total project cost: $ (Includes % contingency) $ 300,000   Risk - List any major risks to delivering a successful project (meeting all-time/cost/quality objectives): List any major risks which may be created by this project (business, environment, financial, etc): In case this project for the establishment of Pop Music concert; we will manage some of the main risks of the project.

Here the main risks are involving the project time and cost-based risks. In this regard, we will perform a comprehensive assessment and analyse some of the main areas and aspects of the project to meet the project established expectations.

Here the main risks regarding this project can be: Time Risks Cost Risks Technology Risks Management Risks List key risks of NOT doing this project (refer to Why Do This and Benefits): Political Risks Biological Risk Security Risk   List critical success factors (“ must-haves” , opposite of risks): In the scenario, this concert project successful completion and on-time delivery of all project phases and deliverables will be the critical success factors of the project. Here we will take proper feedback and customer satisfaction for the enhanced project completion and management. Here we will also confirm the efficient achievement of the plan as well as its central influence on the entire aspects.

Here we will essentially assess the cost as well as resource plus their efficient use to match their improved utilize.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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