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The paper "Management of Melbury Investments" is an outstanding example of a management case study.   The project charter aims at providing detailed information required by senior management in order to approve the project for funding.   The intended audience is the shareholders of Melbury investment. 1.2 Project Overview Melbury investments, which is planning to develop a chain of hotels known as Melbury Hotels has recently purchased the Waftly Towers property at 16 Elwood Avenue, Torquay. This property which is an existing hotel is currently in a very poor state of repair due to poor management.

Waftly Hotel, due to poor management, has over the year’ s attained poor reputation both locally and internationally. This is going to be Melbury first hotel which is going to be its marketing factor for the series of hotels that Melbury is going to open. It is going to market its hotels as a medium seized hotels and personal service is going to be its central theme. Its first step will be to renovate, rehabilitate and reopen the hotel under the name, Melbury hotel. In addition, the first phase will also target on returning the business into profitability.

This project will work as the starting point that will lead to the opening of a chain of Melbury Hotels. 2 High-Level Project Approach The project will have two phases; Renovation and construction (estimated to take around 9 months) and Re-opening and rehabilitation (to take around 12 months following re-opening) After re-opening, the project will take 12 months before the hotel is viewed as fully operational. After it is fully operational, the projected will be terminated or closed. 3.0 Scope 3.1 Melbury Overall Business Goals The overall business objectives by Melbury Hotel investment for the Waftly Towers project are as follows; Firstly, it will be to ensure that the property is back into the business and making profits by increasing sales by about 6%.

This is going to be made possible by restoring the tarnished image of the hotel to a good image. By doing so, customers will start flocking in and this will ensure profits for the business. Secondly, since the reputation of the hotel within the local community and in the eyes of major sales channels is destroyed, Melbury will have to work really hard in order to restore the reputation of the property in order to get customers.

Thirdly, Melbury will have to ensure that the Hotel environment is welcoming for its guests by providing full 3-star service. Fourthly, Melbury Hotel dining experience should be one that is open to the public. It should also ensure that its dining experience is viewed as number one in Torquay. Also, Melbury should ensure that the hotel is established as the location in Torquay that is preferred for events with a number of up to 100 guests.

Lastly, this hotel should provide a platform that will create a brand image for the chain of hotels that Melbury investment intends to open in the next 5 years. 3.2 Melbury Project Objectives They are as follows; completion of the property and grounds renovation, this process has to adhere to the approved Architectural blueprints, bringing the hotel back to operational state and hiring highly qualified staff, reopening of the hotel after ensuring that it is fully operational, managing the hotel for 1 year in order to achieve short term key success indicators and ensuring that the hotel is open for business by the first day of spring 2012.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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